1122: For a Happy Marriage Live-Action Series Release Date Cast and More Revealed in Trailer

1122 For a Happy Marriage

The upcoming television programme 1122: For a Happy Marriage is based on a well-known comic book it sounds like a really great show, it will air on Amazon Prime Video. They released images and a video and they also announced the arrival of new actors to the cast. 

There will be seven parts in this production, we also know who will be directing it, the first part will be released on June 14 and subsequent parts will be released every week after that.

1122: For a Happy Marriage Manga Storyline

For those who do not know the background behind the source material 1122: For a Happy Marriage tells the tale of Ichiko and Otoya Aihara, a married couple trying to work through the challenges of their union. 

They are in a childless, sexless union after having been married for seven years. Their discontent leads them to accept an unusual solution: the permission of extramarital love (official affair) system. 

Ichiko struggles with her feelings and desires as Otoya gets connected with another lady named Mitsuki, which sets the stage for a moving inquiry into love, honesty, and what marriage means.

Premiere Details

On June 14, 1122: For a Happy Marriage will debut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, so mark your calendars. 

Each of the seven exciting episodes in the series will provide an interesting discussion of love marriage and human connection a summary of the release schedule is provided below:

  • June 14: The first three episodes will premiere, setting the stage for the emotional journey ahead.
  • June 21: Episodes 4-5 will be released, delving deeper into the lives of the characters and their relationships.
  • June 28: The final two episodes will be unveiled, promising a satisfying conclusion to this unforgettable story.

Under the direction of Rikiya Imaizumi, with screenplays written by his spouse Kaori Imaizumi, “1122: For a Happy Marriage” is a labour of love that aims to maintain the spirit of Watanabe’s original manga. 

Planning and production duties go to Junko Satō who made sure the series adhered to the strictest requirements for authenticity and quality. Leading the project is the skilled group at Studio Murmur with Lat-Lon providing production assistance.

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New Cast Members Announced

The production team has recently announced several new additions to the cast, adding depth and talent to the ensemble, here’s a peek of the latest cast members:

  • Akiko Kikuchi portrays Tōko Aihara, Otoya’s older sister bringing her character to life with grace and nuance.
  • Rio Uchida takes on the role of a mysterious young woman whom Shirō encounters at a bar adding intrigue to the storyline.
  • Miwako Ichikawa embodies the owner of a salon where Ichiko and Rei cross paths enriching the narrative with her presence.
  • Hairi Katagiri portrays the director of a chiropractor practice and a client at Ichiko’s web design job contributing to the diverse tapestry of characters.
  • Yumi Morio portrays Mizuki’s mother bringing depth to the family dynamics explored in the series.
  • Yoshiko Miyazaki portrays Otoya’s mother offering insight into the protagonist’s upbringing and background.
  • Jun Fubuki portrays Ichiko’s mother adding layers to Ichiko’s personal history and motivations.
  • Tateto Serizawa embodies a bartender at a bar frequented by Shirō lending authenticity to the series settings.
  • Kō Maehara appears as a hotel lobby staff member contributing to the richly detailed world of the show.
  • Atsushi Hashimoto portrays a real estate agent adding depth to the supporting cast.