Blue Lock Chapter 259 Release date: Isagi’s Unplanned Shot Shakes Munich, Spoilers, and Recap

Blue Lock Chapter 259 Release date

Blue Lock Chapter 259 is set to release on May 01, 2024. Isagi Yoichi showed off how good he is by scoring an amazing goal while he was in the air but even though he did something cool his teammate Kunigami didn’t want to pass the ball to him because he thought Isagi relied on others too much. Another teammate named Hiori said nice things about Isagi and praised him for trusting and guessing what his teammates would do.

Isagi admitted that his awesome shot called the two-gun volley, was inspired by watching Nagi do a similar move. As the game went on Isagi’s plans worked well, so Bastard Munich switched players to focus more on him. Isagi is determined to beat Rin and become the best player in the NEO EGOIST LEAGUE and he is ready to face whatever challenges come his way.

Blue Lock Chapter 259 Release date

Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for Blue Lock Chapter 259, which is set to be released on Wednesday, May 01, 2024. People are excited and many are sharing their feelings on social media. They can’t wait to see what happens in the new chapter.

Blue Lock Chapter 259 will be released Internationally at the following times:

Country ZoneTime and Date
Central European Time (CEST)Tuesday, April 30, 05:00 PM
New YorkTuesday, April 30, 11:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST)Tuesday, April 30, 12:00 AM
Pacific Standard Time (PST)Tuesday, April 30, 08:00 AM
Eastern European Time (EEST)Tuesday, April 30, 06:00 AM
Japanese Standard Time (JST)Tuesday, April 30, 12:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)Wednesday, May 01, 01:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST)Wednesday, May 01, 12:00 AM

Blue Lock Chapter 259 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Spoilers or raw scans for Blue Lock Chapter 259 are unavailable. Fans are advised to monitor online platforms such as Reddit and 4chan a few days before the official release for potential sneak peeks.

Blue Lock Chapter 258 Recap

In the previous Blue Lock chapter, Isagi Yoichi did something amazing he scored a goal while jumping in the air. This tied the game for Bastard Munich and everyone was amazed at how good Isagi was.

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Some even called him a monster because of his skills but even though Isagi did something great, one of his teammates, Kunigami, didn’t want to pass the ball to him. Kunigami thought Isagi depended too much on others and he wasn’t happy about it.

But then another teammate named Hiori said something nice about Isagi. Hiori thought Isagi was good at trusting his teammates and figuring out what they would do during the game.

Isagi confessed that the amazing shot he made wasn’t planned at all. Instead, it was inspired by watching Nagi do a similar move before. This made Isagi come up with a new move called the two-gun volley. It’s a quick shot where Isagi kicks the ball with both feet while he is in the air.

As the game kept going, Isagi’s strategies started to work really well. This made Bastard Munich decide to switch one of their players. They decided to switch players, taking out Grimm and bringing in Kurona Ranze. This made the team pay even more attention to Isagi. Since things were going well for him, Isagi now really wants to beat Rin and be the best player in the NEO EGOIST LEAGUE. The chapter finished with Isagi feeling determined to reach his goal and deal with whatever challenges come his way.

Blue Lock Chapter 258 Review

In Chapter 258 of Blue Lock, Isagi scores a goal while jumping in the air which impresses everyone. Kunigami is unsure about passing to him but Hiori praises Isagi for trusting his teammates. Isagi shares his new move, the two-gun volley, which he made up on the spot. As the game goes on Isagi’s strategies work well, so the other team changes players. Isagi stays focused on beating Rin.

Where can you read the Latest Chapter?

If you want to read the next part of Blue Lock, you can find it on the official Pocket website. Just go to their website, and you’ll see the new chapter there.

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