Dragon Ball Super Manga Enters Temporary Hiatus: What Fans Need to Know

Dragon Ball Super Manga

The popular manga Dragon Ball Super is taking a break and will not be publishing any new chapters for some time. Those who enjoy reading it will have to wait until next month when the vacation ends the exact return date is still unknown. It has already stopped with the most recent incident being in August. 

The manga picked back up in December and it’s currently getting set for a brand-new chapter called the “Super Hero” arc. The TV show and manga aren’t exactly the same that’s based on a movie. The manga artist Toyotarō who started in 2015 will soon release the manga’s next chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Hiatus Announcement and Tribute to Toriyama

Akira Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball, passed away on March 1 from an acute subdural hematoma which was a great loss for the manga and anime industries. Starting with his 1980 serialised manga Dr. Slump Toriyama left a lasting legacy that extends besides Dragon Ball. 

Many adaptations such as anime television shows, films and video games have been influenced by his works. Generations have been affected by Dragon Ball which continues to be an international icon. 

The franchise has become one of the most recognisable in manga and anime history thanks to Toriyama’s contributions to it. His contributions included character designs for well-known video games including Blue Dragon, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest.

The manga will be available online at the same time as its Japanese release thanks in large part to Viz Media. To satisfy the growing number of fans of the series globally the 21st paired volume will be released on May 14.

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Previous Breaks

After a previous hiatus in August 2022 when plans were made for the next arc the decision to halt the manga has been reached. The “Super Hero” arc a Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film adaptation began when the series picked back up recording in December 2022 and ran until March 2023.

The manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super anime by Toyotarō which first appeared in V Jump in June 2015 has received a lot of attention. The manga will continue to be a force in the manga business with the release of its 23rd volume by Shueisha on April 4.

Ongoing efforts such as his participation in the Dragon Ball Daima anime series, are another way that Toriyama is still active. His ongoing legacy in the industry is shown by the changes he’s made to the series which include plots and character designs. His lasting legacy can also be shown by more recent adaptations of his works, including the manga Sand Land.