Haruto Umezawa Set to Release New Manga “Menace” in May


A new comic titled Menace by famous manga artist Haruto Umezawa will be published in May’s Young Ace magazine. The main character of the tale is a young man by the name of Teruya who joins the alien group in order to defend his friend. 

After being attacked and losing his memory Teruya encounters the alien fans are looking forward to this new comic. Following the popularity of Umezawa’s previous manga this one looks to be packed with action and adventure and readers can’t wait to read it when it releases in May.

Haruto Umezawa New Manga Menace

Umezawa takes off on a new story journey with Menace showing his versatility and creativity as a storyteller. Umezawa combines action, drama and supernatural content throughout in a way that is sure to offer readers a deep reading experience taking from his wide storytelling music.

In 1991 Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Summer Special magazine published Hareluya a one-shot manga by Haruto Umezawa that initially gained popularity in the industry. The huge success of this first attempt opened the door for a serialised series that began in 1992 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. But Umezawa’s next piece HARELUYA II BØY which was released later in 1992 were it really confirmed his reputation as an industry leader.

The Storyline of Menace

A scary retirement ritual planned by his former associates marks a surprise divide in Teruya’s journey towards confession. After that things take a strange turn when Teruya wakes up and discovers he has lost all memory of anything even himself. 

He meets a mysterious alien being in between all of the destruction which sets the stage for an engaging story of self-discovery and mystery. Teruya an unfriendly teenager caught up in the world of street gangs is the hero of Umezawa’s interesting new manga which takes readers through her everyday life. 

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Over the course of the story Teruya is forced to make the difficult choice to sever his gang loyalties in order to protect his dear friend Aimi.

Both the public and critics have a desire to get their hands on Umezawa’s most recent masterwork Menace as the countdown to its publication approaches. 

Menace has a chance to become a blockbuster in the manga industry and enthral readers everywhere thanks to its unique concept and Umezawa’s track record of producing engaging stories.