Live-Action One Piece Series: Joe Tracz Joins as Showrunner for Season 2

One Piece Series

One Piece Series about pirates and adventures is getting another season. Joe Tracz, the writer of Percy Jackson is joining the team to help with it. He will be writing stories and taking charge. Matt Owens has worked on the first season and he will also be there. Steve Maeda was in charge before and will help in a different way this time. They will start making the new season soon and it will be on Netflix in 2025. The first season was super popular with people all over the world tuning in. It even won a prize and got nominated for another one.

Joe Tracz’s Role in One Piece Season 2: A Closer Look

The team making the One Piece series for Netflix announced that Joe Tracz known for Percy Jackson, will join Season 2. He will be a writer, executive producer and co-showrunner with Matt Owens. Steve Maeda will be an executive producer instead.

Deadline reports that filming for season two is starting in June and its release in 2025. The series premiered on Netflix last August and got a lot of love. People are pumped about the second season.

The first season of the live-action adaptation became super popular and stayed at the number one spot on Netflix for three weeks straight. This shows how much people loved it and how hard everyone worked on it.


The series did really well and It won a big award at the 2024 Writers Guild Awards for the Children’s Episodic, Long Form and Specials category. Also, it was up for another award for Best Hair Styling at the 11th annual MUAHS Awards. That shows they worked hard to make it look awesome.

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Behind the Scenes

Tomorrow Studio and producer Marty Adelstein are the ones making the series happen. Marty Adelstein is known for working on other shows like Prison Break and Teen Wolf. Becky Clements and Steve Maeda also help out as executive producers. They havve got lots of experience and creativity to make Oda’s world awesome for new fans.

Joe Tracz is joining the team for the second season of the live-action One Piece adaptation. The series is loved for its action and adventure and with Tracz on board, it is heading for even more excitement. Get ready for a new chapter in the One Piece story.