Lookism Chapter 491 Release Date: Seongji Yook vs James Lee, Spoilers, Recap and Where to Read?

Lookism Chapter 491 Release Date

The release of Chapter 491 on March 08, 2024. In the previous chapter, Seongji Yook receives heartbreaking news about Vin Jin’s mother, prompting him to confront ShinmYung Cheon. Meanwhile, a tense showdown ensues as the Kojima brothers challenge Seongji Yook, only to be defeated by the formidable first generation King. However, the tables turn when James Lee enters the fight. Will Seongji Yook confront ShinmYung Cheon? How will the arrival of James Lee impact the unfolding events?

Lookism Chapter 491 Release Date 

The Lookism Chapter 491, a famous South Korean Manhwa, is set to release on March 08, 2024, delighting its devoted fans. Fans are getting excited, and many have resorted to social media to express their excitement for the next chapter.

Lookism Chapter 491 will be released Internationally at the following times:

Country ZoneTime and Date
Eastern Standard Time10:11 PM on Thursday, March 07, 2024
Central Standard Time9:11 PM on Thursday, March 07, 2024
Pacific Standard Time7:11 PM on Thursday, March 07, 2024
Greenwich Mean Time2:11 AM on Thursday, March 07, 2024
Central European Time12:11 AM on Thursday, March 07, 2024
India Standard Time7:41 AM on Thursday, March 07, 2024
Pakistan Standard Time7:11 AM on Thursday, March 07, 2024

Lookism Chapter 491 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Now, there are no spoilers or raw scans available for Lookism Chapter 491. Fans should check online platforms like Reddit and Twitter few days before the official release date for any major sneak peeks.

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Lookism Chapter 490 Recap 

The previous Chapter begins with Seongji Yook finding out that Vin Jin’s mom passed away. He decides to leave the hill and confront ShinmYung Cheon. Three fighters from pre-generation 0 are sent to fetch Vin Jin. Meanwhile, the Kojima brothers challenge Seongji Yook.

We saw the incredible strength of the first generation King as he single handedly defeats the Kojima brothers. Trained by Vin Jin’s dad, the King proves he’s even stronger than the brothers.

The situation flips when ShinmYung Cheon seeks help from Choi, who sends James Lee, one of the top fighters from the first generation. This sets the stage for an intense showdown in Lookism 491.

So, Seongji Yook learns sad news about Vin Jin’s mom, decides to leave the hill to face ShinmYung Cheon. Fighters are sent after Vin Jin, while the Kojima brothers fight Seongji Yook. The first generation King shows his strength by beating the brothers, but then things change when James Lee joins the fray against him.

Lookism Chapter 490 Review 

In Lookism Chapter 490, Seongji Yook knows about Vin Jin’s mom’s passing and faces off against ShinmYung Cheon. The first generation King impresses with his strength, but James Lee’s arrival changes the game. Chapter 490 mounts for the intense showdown in Chapter 491.

Where can you read Latest Chapter Legally?

You can access Lookism Chapter 491 and all previous chapters on WebToon at the specified dates and times mentioned earlier. Enjoy reading.

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