Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume Is Now Available on Netflix for Global Audience


Suzume, a film directed by Makoto Shinkai has been added on Netflix, Crunchyroll and several other countries also have it available when Suzume arrived in North America in 2023 it was already at the top of the Japanese charts in 2022 and was a huge financial success. 

More people may now watch Suzume on Netflix the film follows a girl named Suzume as she goes on an epic journey it was made by many amazing people and features enjoyable music.

Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume: Team Behind the Scenes

Makoto Shinkai who is famous for his previous movies your name and Weathering With You takes on the job of director, screenwriter and story creator in front of the camera, bringing his unique vision to each frame. 

The film features an unmatched level of visual and emotional detail thanks to collaborations with talented artists such as Takumi Tanji, animation director Kenichi Tsuchiya and character designer Masayoshi Tanaka.

The RADWIMPS and Kazuma Jinnouchi collaborated to create an incredible musical soundtrack that enhances the visual beauty and boosts Suzume’s emotional journey. 

Toaka a popular user on TikTok enhances the movie’s sound environment even more by performing a mesmerising version of “Suzume” one of the theme songs.

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Suzume’s Journey and Box Office Success

When Suzume was first released in November 2022 it gained amazing success there shooting to the top of the charts. After receiving an excellent response in its native nation the movie arrived in North America in April 2023 and earned a lot of interest from viewers. 

The way it was shown with English dub, Japanese audio and subtitles helped it reach a wider audience, this was made possible in large part by Crunchyroll.

The movie had an impact at the box office especially in its first weekend in the United States when it earned an impressive $5,001,705 in revenue. As this success story developed the movie’s box office receipts surpassed $10 million US indicating how well-liked it was. 

Suzume’s amazing theatrical run in Japan came to an end in May 2023 after earning an incredible 14.79 billion yen (about US$105.3 million) which is proof to the film’s surely influence.

The recent release of Suzume by Makoto Shinkai on Netflix represents an important milestone in introducing this exciting story to a worldwide viewership highlighting its long-term impact in the world of animated film. 

Suzume’s reputation as a timeless classic grows stronger as viewers explore its world and go on a journey of growth that is full of surprises, feelings and life-changing experiences.