Masao Kusakari Reveals Cast of 4th Live-Action Kingdom Film In Trailer


The fourth Kingdom film will include Masao Kusakari as a new star the official Kingdom website released a new teaser and image revealing that Masao will play Chō (Zhao). 

This new movie’s called Kingdom: Taishogun no Kikan (Return of the General), it’s due to hit theaters on July 12, the director, Shinsuke Satō is back for this one If you enjoy Kingdom mark your calendars for this expected release. 

The movie will cover the Battle of Bayou and the Shi Ka (Zi Xia) arc from the manga.

Kingdom Legacy of Achievement and Storyline

The Kingdom film series has earned an amazing 5.73 billion yen (about US$53.2 million) in revenue from movie theatres since its launch in April 2019 proving its continuing popularity and legacy. 

The franchise achieved worldwide recognition and established itself as an international cultural icon with the help of Funimation’s global shows. 

The series continues to attract fans with its epic story and amazing visuals and it appears that this will not change with the release of its second part, Kingdom II: Harukanaru Daichi e (To Distant Lands) which broke records in 2022.

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Kingdom: Taishogun no Kikan explores an appealing story of the important Battle of Bayou and the Shi Ka (Zi Xia) arc. On the battlefield viewers will see Shin (Xin) and Ō Ki (Wang Qi) teaming up for the first time to fight against the powerful attack from the north, spearheaded by the powerful Chō (Zhao). 

Anne Watanabe plays the strong Shi Ka (Zi Xia) once more giving the character depth and strength. Talented actors including Kataoka Ainosuke VI, Kōji Yamamoto, Yuki Yamada, Eri Murakawa, Hinako Sakurai and Yūki Araki have joined the rest of the cast, they skillfully bring their roles to life.

The Trailer and Visual

A new trailer and visual for the next Kingdom live-action films were just released on the official website offering fans a preview of the epic story. 

Seeing Masao Kusakari take on the part of Chō (Zhao) offers an exciting visual of this iconic character. The teaser reveals an interesting film journey full of action-packed scenes with emotional moments that remain alive to the heart of the manga.