Minami Mizuno Popular Manga We Who Know Nothing of Love Gets A Live-Action Film

We Who Know Nothing of Love

The Shochiku Channel revealed in a special video that Minami Mizuno the creator of Rainbow Days has good news We Who Know Nothing of Love is being adapted into a film. 

On August 23 the film will be released they informed us about the cast and crew involved in its production. Speculators are excited to watch their favourite story on the big screen because it’s a live-action movie means real people will play the characters.

We Who Know Nothing of Love Storyline:

Two high school classmates named Eiji and Naohiko who have been close since middle school are the focus of We Who Know Nothing of Love story. However when Izumi a friend from Eiji’s youth enrols at their school their friendship takes a sharp turn. 

Eiji is unaware that Naohiko has feelings for Izumi and he bravely tells her that he loves her this confession starts a chain of situations that eventually take Eiji and Izumi on a romantic journey.

Before We Who Know Nothing of Love became a complete series in June of the same year Minami Mizuno first published the story as a one-shot in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine in January 2017. 

The series became quite successful because of how readers could relate to the characters and how moving the stories were, the manga ended in 2021 with the last volume published by Shueisha in June of that year.

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Cast and Crew Revealed 

The characters and the hardworking crew behind the production were revealed by the Shochiku Channel in an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary:


  • Airu Kubozuka as Naohiko Bessho
  • Ryūsei Ōnishi (Naniwa Danshi member) as Eiji Aihara
  • Nagisa Saitō as Koharu Fujimura
  • Riko as Izumi Shiosaki
  • Sōya Igari as Taichi Senami
  • Sara Shida as Mizuho Ikezawa


  • Director: Mai Sakai (known for live-action works like Utsukushii kare and Koi no Tsuki series)
  • Screenwriter: Haruka Okita (renowned for scripts in Come Kiss Me at 0:00 AM and Dekinai Futari films)

Minami Mizuno is a well-known writer who first came to light with her previous project Rainbow Days, Rainbow Days had a successful run from beginning in the pages of Bessatsu Margaret in February 2012 until its end in March 2017. Mizuno’s reputation as a prolific manga creator was made even stronger by the multiple adaptations of the manga such as a television anime series and a drama CD.