Netflix Reveals New T・P BON Time Travel Anime Trailer with Theme Songs, and Cast Insights

T・P BON Time Travel Anime

The TP BON anime which is based on the manga of the same name has a trailer on Netflix that features time travel sequences. The trailer features scenes from several times, including the Bronze Age and World War II and it also features the theme songs. 

However it is unclear who performs the tunes the story of the anime which centres on high school student Bon will be available on Netflix in May and July. The anime is full of action and adventure as he goes back in time to rescue people’s lives.

Meet the Director, Cast and More Details

Masahiro Ando a skilled director known for his skill in producing popular movies like Sword of the Stranger and Hanasaku Iroha – Blossoms for Tomorrow, is leading this unique anime project. 

Michiru Oshima who is well-known for her work on Little Witch Academia composed an attractive musical score to go along with the mesmerising images, giving viewers a multisensory experience.

Atsumi Tanezaki who plays the mysterious Ream Stream an honest Time Patrol member and Akihisa Wakayama, who brings life to the main character Bon Namihira are leading the charge. 

Famous singers Yōko Hikasa, Setsuo Ito, Mamoru Miyano, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Saho Shirasu and Yasuyuki Kase have joined this amazing cast bringing their own voices to a wide range of interesting roles.

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An Epic Story of Bon

T・P BON tells the amazing story of Bon a regular high school student who is accidentally thrown into a secret organisation of time-traveling operatives while bringing the audience into an exciting science-fiction adventure. 

Bon and his friends who are charged with the important mission of changing the path of history travel important historical turning points in various historical periods and worldwide locations in the hope to save humanity’s destiny against the passage of time.

T・P BON’s origins may be linked back to the vision writer Fujiko F. Fujio, whose masterpiece was originally published in 1978–1979 in Ushio Publishing’s Monthly Shōnen World magazine. 

The manga which had several volumes and excited fans with its fascinating story and memorable characters, led to the 1989 release of an anime special, the creator of Fujiko F. Fujio, Hiroshi Fujimoto turned 90 on December 1. His legacy which goes throughout time and imagination, is what keeps audiences fascinated by T・P BON.