Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Announced by Crunchyroll

Solo Leveling Season 2

Fans can enjoy because Crunchyroll officially announced Solo Leveling Season 2. Sung Jinwoo’s adventures will continue and Crunchyroll says it will come out in late 2024. 

The new season is called Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadow and will have 13 episodes. Get ready for more amazing stories and challenges.

After lots of people wondering if there would be another season of Solo Leveling, Crunchyroll finally said there will be. They confirmed it just before the finale of the first season came out.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

Crunchyroll told everyone that Solo Leveling Season 2 is coming out in late 2024 and they said it on March 30, 2024. Fans can expect it to probably come out in October or November.

The people who make the Solo Leveling webtoon, D&C Media, also said the same thing in an interview in January 2024. They said the plan hasn’t changed, but sometimes things get delayed in making anime, so we will have to wait and see for any new information.

Crunchyroll revealed the official name of the second season: Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadow. They showed a video with important parts of Jinwoo’s story. Season 2 will only be on Crunchyroll.

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Solo Leveling Season 2 Plot

In Episode 12, Sung Jinwoo turns into the Shadow Monarch. Season 2 will talk about the Red Gate Arc. In this arc, there’s a tough dungeon. It is tricky because once people go through the gate, it shuts.

After that, there will be the Dungeon Castle Arc, but I can’t say too much because it might spoil things. Just know that Jinwoo’s changes and the tougher challenges he deals with will still be important.

Episode Count and Expectations for Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2 will have 13 episodes. In Japan, it is considered the second part of the first season, which has a total of 25 episodes made by Aniplex. But Crunchyroll just calls it Season 2 to make it easier to understand.

There are a lot of chapters in the webtoon, about 200 of them. But in the anime, they have only used 45 chapters so far. That means there’s still plenty of material left for them to use. They might take a similar approach to Attack on Titan’s last season, where they split it into parts, to make the story even richer.

Speculations and Hopes for Solo Leveling Season 2

Season 1 ending and Season 2’s title hint that Jinwoo will focus on being a Necromancer and leading his shadow army. Even though there is a famous part in the webtoon called the Jeju Island Arc, the anime might do things differently.