Spy x Family: Code White Set to Release in U.K. Cinemas this Friday

Spy x Family

Spy x Family: Code White opens in theatres this Friday in the UK and Ireland and It’s a cool anime movie that is already a big hit in Japan. It is our turn to watch it and have a blast. The movie will be in both English and Japanese, so everyone can understand what is going on. It is all about a family who are spies going on a really important mission.

The film will be showcased in a wide release format, offering both subtitled and dubbed versions for viewers’ convenience. For venue details and ticket booking, visit the official website at spyfamilyfilm.co.uk.

Brilliant Performance in Japan

SPY×FAMILY Code: White has been a huge hit in Japan since it came out on December 22nd. People have been talking about it a lot. In just three days it sold 866,000 tickets and made a 1.224 billion yen (that’s around US$8.61 million). And by February 25th, it had made over 6.1 billion yen (about US$40.61 million) in total.


SPY×FAMILY: Code White movie has a really interesting story that will keep you hooked. It has made by Tatsuya Endō and follows the Forgers, a family who are actually secret spies. Loid and Yor are undercover agents but they keep their spy lives hidden from each other. Meanwhile, they are also raising their adopted daughter, Anya. It is all about how they juggle being spies and being a family.

In a big mission called Operation Strix, Loid tries to help Anya win a cooking contest at school by making the principal’s favorite food. But things get tricky when they end up going on a winter vacation to where the food comes from. They don’t realize it but this leads to a bunch of problems that could mess up peace around the world.

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Cast and Team

The movie has a really talented team behind it. Tatsuya Endō made the original story and designed the characters. He made sure the movie stayed true to the original. Two animation studios, WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks worked together to make the awesome visuals. Takashi Katagiri directed the movie and Ichiro Okouchi wrote the story really well.

Kazuaki Shimada and Kana Ishida, the characters’ designers, made sure the characters looked beautiful and were consistent throughout. Kyoji Asano was in charge of making sure the characters moved right and Kazuhiro Furuhashi checked everything to make sure it all looked good and made sense.

The person who makes music, [K]NoW_NAME, put together the awesome music for the movie. They made sure it fits perfectly with what’s happening in the film. The song Soulsoup, performed by Official HiGE DANdism, is really catchy and adds to the excitement. Another famous artist, Gen Hoshino made the song Hikari no Ato (Trails of Light) for the end of the movie. It is a beautiful song that matches up with how the story ends.