Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in My Hero Academia, Ranked 2024

My Hero Academia

In Season 6 of My Hero Academia, we see the start of a big fight called the Paranormal Liberation War. Heroes are getting ready for battle. But who are the strongest heroes? We.will find out the top 10 heroes in this article. From dragons to samurai, each hero has their own special powers. Let’s take a quick look at these powerful heroes and what makes them stand out.

Here’s a Details of the top 10 Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia Season 6.

10. Ryukyu

Credits- @Acesential

In the upcoming battle of My Hero Academia Season 6, one of the important heroes is Ryuko Tatsuma, also known as Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. She is known for being really calm and kind, even when things get tough. Ryuko is good at spotting and has helped train heroes like Froppy, Uravity, and Nejire. Her quirk, called Dragon, lets her turn into a powerful dragon, make her super strong and tough with sharp claws, big jaws, and wings for flying. She’s gonna have a big fight against Chisaki, where her skills will really shine.

9. Yoroi Musha

Credits- @Funimation

Yoroi Musha, the ninth-ranked Pro Hero, looks like a cool modern samurai with awesome armor. Even though he’s not in the anime much, fans still remember him because of his strong presence and cool armor. He shows up briefly during the top Hero rankings broadcast, reminding everyone that luck and timing are important in the world of My Hero Academia, not just hard work.

8. Wash

Credits: Kohei Horikoshi

Wash, the Laundry Hero, might seem ordinary at first because of his simple quirk. But actually, his ability to create soapy bubbles is super useful. He can use these bubbles to catch people and lift them up, which helps with save them and keep them safe from harm. In the Paranormal Liberation arc, Wash plays a big part in helping civilians get to safety and stopping Shigaraki from causing trouble. This shows that even though he doesn’t look flashy. Wash is really important and capable.

7. Kamui Wood

Credits: Kohei Horikoshi

Shinji Nishiya, also known as Kamui Woods, makes a big entrance in the first episode of the anime, fighting villains while Midoriya watches. He looks like a tree with his unique appearance. Kamui Woods can stretch and grow wooden parts of his body using his quirk, Arbor. This lets him control big tree-like branches, which he uses to capture bad guys. His strong quirk helps him stay ranked at Number 7 among the heroes.

6. Crust

The sixth-ranked hero is Crust, also known as the Shield Hero. He plays a big part in the early part of the Paranormal Liberation War. Crust uses his quirk, Shield, to create shields shaped like hexagons. He can use them to defend himself and attack with accuracy. In a brave move, he sacrifices himself to save Aizawa, shows how is he courageous. Crust has protective skills and willingness to put others before himself make him a true hero on the battlefield.

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5. Mirko

Credits: Kohei Horikoshi

Rumi Usagiyama, known as Mirko, is the fifth-ranked Pro Hero and is famous for her unique look and amazing fighting skills. She has the Rabbit quirk, which gives her legs super strength like a rabbit’s, letting her jump really far and hit really hard. Mirko’s sharp senses and constant alertness make her a super valuable hero. Especially when she attacked the Nomu laboratory in an epic battle.

4. Edgeshot

In Season 6, one of the leaders of the attack teams is Shinya Kamihara, also known as the Ninja Hero: Edgeshot. He’s like a ninja and is really good at figuring things out. With his Foldabody quirk, Edgeshot can change into a slim shape and transform quickly. He can turn into sharp strands to move fast and make accurate moves. His speed and smart thinking make him a tough opponent to beat.

3. Best Jeanist

Credits: Kohei Horikoshi

Tsunagu Hakamada, known as Best Jeanist, is the third-ranked hero. He’s really good at controlling fibers with his quirk, which is more about being precise than being super strong. Even though he gets hurt sometimes in fights, Best Jeanist’s smart tactics and skillful moves keep him at the top. This shows that being really good at something is more important than just being really strong.

2. Hawks

Credits: Kohei Horikoshi

Keigo Takami, also called Wing Hero: Hawks, is the second-ranked hero. He is famous for being really smart and having a quirk called Fierce Wings that is super useful in lots of ways. Hawks works as a spy for both heroes and villains, shows how clever he is. He can control his wing feathers really well, which lets him move around easily and attack when he needs to. Hawks is a really important part of the heroes’ team, because of his intelligence and his ability to fight.

1. Endeavor

Credits: Kohei Horikoshi

Enji Todoroki, also known as the hero Endeavor, becomes the top hero after All Might retires. He has a quirk called Hellflame that lets him control fire really well. Even though he is not perfect, Endeavor works really hard and is super strong, which makes him the best hero in My Hero Academia.