Top 10 Strongest Characters in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

The popular anime series Attack on Titan features characters with special skills and abilities. While battling many kinds of obstacles and enemies, these characters are important to the storyline. Viewers are left with a lasting impression by every character, from the composed and perceptive Pieck to the driven and tough Eren Yeager. These 10 Attack on Titan characters are the strongest, and we explore their amazing powers and story-advancing roles throughout this article. 

Stay tuned as we explore the anime’s powerful personalities how they developed, and the turning points that define their power.

Strongest Characters in Attack on Titan

10. Reiner Braun

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Reiner’s journey starting with his perceived weaknesses in comparison to his Marleyan friends. But he was also the Armoured Titan and he created a mess on Paradis Island, almost unstoppable at first. Reiner showed endurance in the face of obstacles even after Eren frequently defeated him and he eventually committed himself to stopping Eren’s plans. Reiner’s strength and character developed rapidly during the battle leading to his important role in stopping the Rumbling.

9. Falco

Credits- Hajime Isayama

The Nine Titans changed hardly at all during the series, mostly just to make themselves look like their inheritors. During the battle with Eren and Zeke, Falco’s acquisition of the Jaw Titan from Porco represented a crucial break. Falco shown incredible resourcefulness by helping Mikasa and others during crucial times after realising that his Titan had the capacity to fly which he got from Zeke’s spinal fluid.

8. Pieck

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Pieck shows up as a cool-headed soldier with great observing abilities. When Eren planned a secret assault on Marley, she realised that danger was coming. Because of the lower size of the Cart Titan, Pieck was first viewed as less combat-ready nonetheless he was mostly used as a supply and transportation asset in fights. Still during the battle with Eren’s Founding Titan her skills improved rapidly.

7. Armin Arlert

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Armin was an important character similar to Erwin but he was also smarter. Even though Armin was first afraid of himself he showed courage by taking on Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan by himself. He helped in stopping Eren’s schemes showing how his purchase of the Colossal Titan improved his strategic abilities even further. It was clear how important Armin was to the resolution of the issue when he went from being an impatient member to an aggressive leader.

6. Annie Leonhart

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Even when posing as a Survey Corps member Annie Leonhart had a harsh exterior. As the Female Titan she demonstrated combat skills that were on par with those of Reiner and Eren. Annie showed resolute determination even after losing to Eren charging back into the battle to support her allies. Annie was not sure she wanted to fight, but when Falco gave her the chance, she seized it tearing through Titans on the Founding’s back to show off her power.

5. Levi Ackerman

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Throughout the series Levi Ackerman represented strength and constancy. His ruthless desire to securing humanity’s existence and his unmatched combat skill cemented his reputation as an unstoppable force. Levi’s strength was unmatched as seen by his victory against formidable opponents like as Zeke and Eren. Levi’s determination never changed in the face of challenges as seen by his major actions at the end of the war.

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4. Ymir

Credits- Hajime Isayama

The painful past and the immense possibly of Creator Ymir formed the basis of the plot. Even though Ymir stayed in the shadows he was important for Eren’s agenda’s progress. Hers and Eren’s united impact was evident in the powerful Titan forms that hindered their enemies. As she challenged Armin and his supporters at any moment Ymir’s unwavering quest of “freedom” proved her standing as an unbreakable force.

3. Jean

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Jean’s transformation from selfishness to selflessness was seen in his character growth. While Jean lacked Annie’s fighting skills and Armin’s intelligence his commitment to the cause paid out handsomely. His power as a soldier was demonstrated by his steadfast devotion to righteousness and support of Eren. Jean’s work together with Connie’s proved his important part in the later episodes of the series.

2. Mikasa Ackerman

Credits- Hajime Isayama

Mikasa Ackerman was a unique character in the series because of her strength and durability. Even as a young child Mikasa shown unmatched fighting ability and became a dangerous opponent for both humans and Titans. Through countless difficulties her unaffected power and determination led her to play an important part in the conflict’s settlement. Mikasa’s last encounter with Eren was a perfect example of her endless dedication which confirmed her place as one of the series strongest characters.

1. Eren Yeager

Credits- Hajime Isayama

The series main story arc was perfectly expressed by Eren Yeager’s amazing progress from a helpless young man to a powerful Titan. His rise to become the most powerful Titan in history and his brilliant strategic thinking led him to the frontline of the battle. Eren’s character was defined by his strong will and acceptance of his aggressive nature, even in the face of amazing enemies such as Pure Titans and past friends.

Eren became one of Attack on Titan’s most significant characters as a result of his representation for and loyalty that ultimately influenced the war’s conclusion.