Top 5 Most Powerful Titans In Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

In Attack on Titan there are powerful creatures known as Titans some of them are extremely well-known and possess unique abilities. 

But did you know that there can only be nine Titans in existence at once? And anyone can become one of these powerful Titans if they belong to an organisation known as Eldians. 

The catch is that you can only live for thirteen years if you possess the power of one of these Titans. 

It’s a bit depressing, however a large number of characters in the story turn into Titans and every Titan has unique abilities. Let’s discuss the top five most powerful Titans from Attack on Titan in more detail.

5. Bertholdt and Armin

Credits- Mappa

A famous appearance in the first episode of the series the Colossal Titan is a symbol of destruction. Its massive height of almost 200 feet indicates great events such as the collapse of Shiganshina. 

Bertholdt and Armin each use the explosive powers of the Colossal Titan for their own strategic ends timing their quasi-nuclear explosions to perfection. With unmatched power this Titan may push back enemies from its nearest area with its scorching steam.

4. Annie Leonhart

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The Female Titan strikes awe with her immense power but its unusual name. Many people feel afraid by Annie Leonhart’s appearance of this Titan which kills experienced Scouts with no difficulty. 

Even though the Female Titan lost against Levi she is still a dangerous enemy since she can attract Pure Titans with her loud screams a move that is rarely used because it raises the possibility of cannibalistic harm.

3. Eren Yeager

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Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager and Eren Yeager are all powerful users of the Attack Titan bound together by the strands of time. Eren who very exactly handles events across histories represents this Titan’s amazing ability to control time. 

Other than just being strong the Attack Titan gives Eren the ability to control destiny which opens the door to capturing the Founding Titan an achievement that would be impossible without its ability to travel across time.

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2. Reiner Braun

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The Armoured Titan covered in durable armour, represents courage in battle. Reiner is a dangerous opponent because of his unwavering commitment and the Titan’s strong defence. Bullets from cannons barely scratch his armoured body showing the Titan’s incredible durability. 

Reiner can overcome obstacles with ease thanks to the Armoured Titan’s overwhelming strength even though his speed is limited. This makes him a reliable ally during crucial battles.

1. The Founding Titan

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The Founding Titan is the most powerful of the Nine Titans passing down their family tree. The legacy of this Titan is huge ranging from Eren Yeager’s apocalyptic control to Ymir Fritz’s unexpected transformation. 

Without all measure Eren’s control over the Founding Titan results in the development of the Doomsday Titan a creature of unbelievable size. As the strongest character in the series the Founding Titan has control over both Titan production and memory manipulation.

The Nine Titans wielders define the order of power in the Attack on Titan universe. From the Colossal Titan’s strategic skill to the Attack Titan’s ability to manipulate time each has special powers that influence the path of history. The Titans legacy lives on as a reminder of the never-ending battle for dominance among Heaven Island’s chaos even as enemies fight and fates clash.