Top 5 Strongest Dragon Level Monsters in One Punch Man

One Punch Man

In the One Punch Man, there are strong monsters. Saitama is a hero who can beat anyone with just one punch. But some monsters are super powerful. They are called Dragon level monsters. 

In this article, we will talks about five of these dragon level monsters. They are very strong and cause a lot of trouble. Each monster has a special power and fights against heroes. People love to watch these battles in One Punch Man. Let’s know about these monsters and how strong they are.

05. Platinum Sperm

Credits- ONE

Platinum Sperm was a powerful mix of Black Sperm and a big deal in the Monster Association. But he got beaten by Garou. He was tall, muscular, and shiny like metal. 

He looked different from Golden Sperm, who came before him. Platinum Sperm had way more cells of Black Sperm in him, like 53 trillion 999 billion 999 million 999 thousand 900 cells. He seemed really strong, even Atomic Samurai could tell. But in the end, Garou took him down.

04. Sage Centipede

Credits- ONE

Sage Centipede was this huge centipede like monster who wanted to destroy everything that didn’t follow some divine plan. Garou took him down eventually, but Sage Centipede was even bigger and scarier than Elder Centipede, who was also pretty tough. 

He fought against Garou and this really strong hero called Metal Bat at the same time. Sage Centipede was tough, he could take a lot of hits and even got the upper hand for a bit before getting beaten.

03. Psykos Orochi

Psykos was this esper lady who worked for the Monster Association and gave advice to their army. She merged with Orochi, becoming this huge red monster with lots of tentacles. Some mysterious thing called “God” gave her even more power. 

This new form, Psykos-Orochi, was super strong, enough to even fight against Tatsumaki, who’s really tough. Psykos thought she was better than Tatsumaki and started attacking with crazy powerful moves that could make huge waves across the world.

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02. Boros

Credits- ONE

Boros was like the big boss for the Dark Matter Thieves, and they wrecked A-City. He loved fighting so much that he traveled all over space just to find someone strong enough to challenge him. Eventually, he ran into Saitama. 

Even though Boros was crazy powerful, he felt really sad because he couldn’t find anyone who could really give him a good fight. Then, he had this huge battle with Saitama, but even though it was epic, Boros ended up losing. He never found the satisfaction he was looking for.

01. Cosmic Garou

Credits- ONE

Cosmic Garou was like a superpowered version of Garou, thanks to the mysterious thing called “God.” He looked like universe itself, all filled with stars and galaxies. Even though he still had parts of his old self, this transformation made him even stronger than before. 

He fought against really tough guys like Blast and Saitama. Saitama, who’s super strong, fought back seriously, but even then, Cosmic Garou was the toughest opponent he did ever faced. Saitama didn’t really struggle, but Cosmic Garou definitely pushed him harder than anyone else before. It showed just how Cosmic Garou was powerful and tough.

In the One Punch Man world, there are lots of super strong beings fight to be the best. Saitama is still looking for someone to put him to the challenge. Every battle he fights shows the strength of both monsters and heroes. With each battle, we see just how powerful everyone is and how much they can do.