4 Most Powerful Air Troops in Clash of Clans: Full Details Explained

Clash of Clans

In the game Clash of Clans, some troops can fly in the air and wreck enemy bases. In this article, we will talks about four powerful air troops in the game. These include the Dragon Rider, Electro Dragon, Dragon, and Balloon. Each troop has special abilities and strengths. We will explain how they work, and how to use them effectively. If you want to be a pro player in Clash of Clans, So understand these air troops is crucial. Let’s learn about these mighty forces in the sky.

1. Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider Credits- Clash of Clans

A skeleton rider controls a robotic dragon that is only interested in destroying obstacles, make the Dragon Rider an extremely powerful creature. This air troop, only available at Town Hall 13, quickly avoids other battlefield distractions in favor of defensive structures. The Dragon Rider surpasses its predecessors with increased offensive power and durability, and it is an excellent choice for hitting distributed defensive structures because to its better speed, health, and damage.

Hitpoints: 4100

Damage When Destroyed: 700

Damage per Second: 340

Housing Space: 25

2. Electro Dragon

Electro Dragon Credits- Clash of Clans

With unmatched destructive power, the Electro Dragon takes off, electrifying the sky as it does so. Its strength is in its constant attack on the closest buildings, even in spite of its poor condition. The Electro Dragon guarantees aerial superiority with its natural ability to engage opposed Clan Castle troops and Heroes. Using chain lightning, it tears through opponent defenses like aerial Bowlers, causing chaos and opening up the opportunity for tactical attacks.

Hitpoints: 4200

Damage When Destroyed: 510

Damage per Second: 300

Housing Space: 30

3. Dragon

Dragon Credits- Clash of Clans

The Dragon, a representation of terror in the sky, descends from Barracks Level 9 and demands permission from Town Hall Level 7. Its massive presence causes destruction to units in the air and on the ground. With better health and splash damage that is similar to the Wizard’s range, the Dragon becomes a versatile aerial threat. It does not have a favorite target; instead, it focuses on taking out enemy Clan Castle troops and Heroes. This means that opposing its might will require careful strategy.

Hitpoints: 3900

Damage per Second: 310

Damage Type: Area Splash

Housing Space: 20

4. Balloon

Balloon Credits- Clash of Clans

The Balloon launches itself, starting a new era of flying war as it rises from the depths of the Barracks. These floating explosives, like aerial Wall Breakers, drop their hot air balloons and cause extensive damage. Their ability to destroy ground targets is unmatched, yet they are still susceptible to anti-air systems. When opponents have insufficient air defense, they can be effectively used to win significant battles in smaller trophy ranges.

Hitpoints: 690

Damage Type: Area Splash

Damage per Second: 214

Housing Space: 5

Fans of Clash of Clans may map out their route to win, controlling the skies and creating dominance over rivals, by utilizing the power of these elite air troops. In the world of Clash of Clans battle, use strategic thinking, precise troop command, and climb to levels that were never before seen.

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