Amouranth Faces Ninth Twitch Ban Under New Content Guidelines

Ninth Twitch Ban

After being banned from Twitch for the tenth time Amouranth also known online as Kaitlyn Siragusa may be banned permanently from the platform or she may permanently quit. More than 6.3 million people follow her but Twitch doesn’t always agree with her and she has already run out of the platform for doing things that it considers illegal. 

This time it’s over unnecessarily displaying body parts it happened during a live stream in which she engaged in bikini-clad playtime with her dog Twitch’s policies may force her to stop streaming on the platform.

Amouranth Response On Her Ninth Twitch Ban

On March 28 Amouranth responded to the new rules on Twitter, calling them the “end of an era.” She also made a suggestion to look into other sites like OnlyFans to add to this statement. 

Though it’s important to remember that Amouranth has experimented with similar ideas in the past without acting on them this might be related to her leaving Twitch. But these new rules present major challenges to her channel’s continued existence.

More strict rules have recently been put in effect by Twitch specifically aimed at content that is judged to focus too much on private body parts. 

These guidelines release links closely with Amouranth’s most recent suspension. Social media reports hint that the actions she was doing when her stream was interrupted are illegal which supports Twitch’s viewpoint.

Twitch’s New Content Guidelines

Even with an amazing audience of nearly 6.3 million as of March 2024 Amouranth’s path on Twitch hasn’t been without difficulties. Her connection with Twitch has been difficult since she was pulled in by the platform’s content growth push in 2015. 

Her content frequently violates Twitch’s limitations since it goes beyond what the platform considers acceptable. On March 30, 2024, Amouranth discovers that she has been suspended from Twitch once more and the story continues. 

She has been suspended nine times total with this being her second punishment of the year. The notice that is connected to her channel states that the ban is due to a violation of the Twitch Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Twitch rarely addresses specific instances but the frequency of Amouranth’s suspensions says a lot.

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