Apex Legends New Three Strikes Mode and Urban Assault Collection Event

Apex Legends

A lot of new content including amazing rewards to win and an exciting tournament to compete in, is available to players in the brand-new Apex Legends event known as the Urban Assault Collection. 

Apex Rumble is a game mode that is exclusive to this event according to a statement released by the game’s developer Respawn Entertainment. A unique skin called “Apex Riptide” is given to players who acquire every item in the game it is important since players will compete for unique prizes.

Apex Legends Three Strikes Mode and Urban Assault Collection Event

Credits- Apex Legends

Players may enjoy the updated version of the popular Three Strikes mode along with the launch of the Apex Rumble tournament. The speed of action hits amazing new heights with a 2.0-second revive time reduction and quick recovery of maximum health and shields after revival. 

Adopting a minimum guaranteed loot system ensures that players start the game with powerful loadouts creating an even playing field where ability is king. Expect more action as battles will be fought more quickly and efficiently with elimination only taking place when a team is completely tired.

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Rumble Tournament System

In Apex Legends prestige skins are extremely rare indicators of skill and effort. With the launch of the Apex Rumble tournament system players will face opponents with similar skill levels in a fight for supremacy completely changing the dynamics of gameplay. 

As players try to get their name on the leaderboard they earn points by places, eliminations, assists and damage dealt. After the dust settles players will receive rewards based on their overall standings offering a new outlook on the competitive environment of the game.

The popular Three Strikes LTD mode is returning and the new Apex Rumble tournament system is making its official release. Respawn invites players to get ready for the upcoming Urban Assault Collection Event. 

Enter this unique tournament structure and set out on an incredible journey as competitors compete for rare rewards. Along with a delectable selection of 24 time-limited rewards committed players who complete every task will receive Octane’s Prestige Skin “Apex Riptide.”

Due to its unique hero-shooter parts,Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment remains unique in the ever-changing battle royale game genre. The wide roster of characters in Apex Legends known as the Legends, sets the game apart from its competitors with their unique gameplay mechanics and powers offering players countless strategic options.

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