Bleed Esports Introduces New Offlaner for Dota 2 Roster

Bleed Esports

Bleed Esports, a gaming team, just got stronger for big matches. They added a new player, Nicholas “zeal” Lim, to play in their Dota 2 team. The team said this on social media. Zeal is from Malaysia and has played in other good teams before. 

He will now play as the offlaner for Bleed. This is important because another player left the team. Zeal is happy to join. Other players in Bleed are also good at the game. They want to win big tournaments. Bleed is starting a big competition soon. They hope to do well with Zeal on their team.

Bleed Esports Bolsters Roster with zeal Ahead of Elite Qualifiers

Credits- Bleed Esports

Zeal is the newest member of Bleed Esports, and the team tweeted a hearty welcome, highlighting his crucial role in strengthening the front line.

Since leaving Invictus Gaming in November 2023, Lim’s journey has included stints with a number of teams. His entry at Bleed Esports, on the other hand, marks a departure from his prior experiences and his entry into a more structured team environment.

Meet the Players in Bleed Esports’ Dota 2 Roster for Elite Qualifiers:

  • Nicholas “zeal” Lim Eng Han
  • Djardel “DJ” Jicko B. Mampusti
  • Wilson “poloson” Koh Chin Wei
  • Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong
  • Rafli “Mikoto” Fathur Rahman

Bleed Esports Gears Up with Zeal for Elite League Qualifiers

In an epic approach, Bleed Esports has a multi-regional roster in the Southeast Asian region, with players coming from several nations. Despite being unorthodox, this composition offers an incredible dynamic for the team’s growth of unity.

In February 2024, Lim made his debut as a stand-in for Bleed during the RES Regional Series: SEA #1. The team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, despite a poor showing in the group stage.

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Bleed Esports Eyes Elite League Qualification Amidst Prior Setbacks

Bleed Esports is focusing on the next Elite League qualifier despite past failures to secure elite tournament invitations. The competition is expected to be fierce; on March 14, 2023, Bleed will face IHC Esports in an attempt to exact revenge for their elimination from the RES Regional Series.

Official Update: Bleed Esports Reinforces Roster with Zeal

With the addition of Nicholas “zeal” Lim to the roster, Bleed Esports formally confirms its lineup, strengthening its tactics and strength in preparation for future Dota 2 competitive scene challenges. Watch this space for more information as Bleed Esports sets out on their mission for glory and for performances.

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