Capcom Insider Claims Resident Evil 9 Comes with Open-World Gameplay

Resident Evil 9

According to recent rumours from a Capcom insider Resident Evil 9 could see major changes. Rather than following the standard format it may be an open-world game. 

Because it’s different from what they’re used to fans are excited about the possibility of players exploring a large globe on their own rather than just following a planned route. 

Fans are taking this information seriously since it comes from someone who has direct knowledge of Capcom’s plans. If it is verified than it has the possibility to seriously affect the series and viewers are curious to find out what will happen next.

Capcom Leaker Suggests Resident Evil 9 Comes with Open-World Territory

The leaker claims that the basic elements of Resident Evil will not change despite the possibility of an open-world Resident Evil game raising questions among those used to the series unique gameplay strategy. 

Resident Evil 9 has the ability to remain loyal to its heritage maintaining the franchise’s basics and welcoming new possibilities, even with some changes in level design and seeing techniques.

Capcom has a number of mysterious projects related to the Resident Evil assets on its roadmap as along with Resident Evil 9. 

There are a lot of rumours floating around about when the RE5 remake and other spin-offs would be released which suggests that fans of the show have a bright future. 

The next chapter in the Resident Evil story is still unexpected with official announcements likely to be made in the upcoming months.

A different Capcom game Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been identified by the leaker as having contributed to the possible change in gameplay dynamics. 

There is a suggestion that Resident Evil 9 is a direct result of the progress achieved in making an immersive open-world game with Dragon’s Dogma 2. 

This calculated move highlights Capcom’s dedication to innovation and pushing the limits of gaming technology.

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Future Prospects for the Resident Evil Franchise

A planned strategy for the use of open-world mechanics in Resident Evil 9 appears to be indicated by historical trends in Capcom’s development cycle. The leaker highlights Capcom’s desire to approve projects in groups noting links to previous projects like Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil Village. 

Capcom uses new technologies to improve gaming experiences. Capcom wants to create a gaming experience that goes above standard limits and they are doing it by managing Resident Evil 9 with the objective of extending the capabilities of the RE Engine.

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