Clash Of Clans Latest Patch Notes: New Pet, QOI Improvement, Clan Tag Feature and Bug Fixes

Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans Introduced a new pet in latest patch named Angry Jelly. It flies and has a strong attack and Its special power is Brainwash. When attached to a hero, it makes them target defenses only. Angry Jelly is safe while attached and can’t be hurt or set off traps. But when the hero is gone, Angry Jelly becomes normal. 

You can get Angry Jelly at Town Hall 16 and Level 10 Pet House. The article talks about Angry Jelly, new upgrades, clan features and bug fixes in the game.

Clash of Clans New Pet: Angry Jelly

Credits- Clash Of Clans

Angry Jelly has this cool move called Brainwash. It makes your hero attack only the defenses, like towers and walls, ignoring everything else. So, your hero becomes super good at taking down enemy defenses fast and without wasting any time.

While your hero has Angry Jelly attached, it’s like they have a shield. Angry Jelly can’t be hurt or targeted by the enemy and it won’t trigger any traps. This makes it really helpful for keeping your hero safe while they smash through the enemy defenses.

But be careful when the hero it’s attached to is defeated or when Brainwash stops working, Angry Jelly goes back to being just a regular troop. That means it can be attacked and triggered by traps again. So, be smart about how you use it to get the most out of it in battles.

You will be able to get Angry Jelly once you reach Town Hall 16 and have a Level 10 Pet House. Get ready to add this powerful new addition to your village and crush your enemies on the battlefield like never before.

New Upgrade Levels

Credits- Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans has added new and improved upgrade levels. Now, you can make your village even stronger by upgrading all your walls to Level 17. This will make your defenses super tough, so you will be ready for any attack that comes your way.

Clan Tag: Enhanced Clan Communication

Credits- Clash Of Clans

Talking to each other is important in Clash of Clans. Now, it is even simpler with Clan Chat Tagging. Clan members can tag each other, even the leaders, to get their attention and plan strategies better. Also, players can choose how they want to get notifications so it’s all up to them.

Improved Clan Castle Functionality

With the new Clan Castle level, players can now ask for two Siege Machine donations. This gives you more options for attacking tactically. Work together with your clan buddies to launch powerful attacks on your enemies and win battles.

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Builder Base Defense

Keep your Builder Base safe and looking good by choosing different Defensive Layouts. You can customize your defenses without giving away your best strategies and it is harder for others to copy your layout.

Quality of Life Enhancements and Bug Fixes

This update makes Clash of Clans better for everyone. It fixes bugs and makes small improvements to make the game more fun. Things like making bonuses better and fixing how spells work together will make your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

With these cool new things and improvements, Clash of Clans is more fun and strategic than it is ever been. Get your village ready, gather your clan and rule the battlefield with Angry Jelly and the latest updates. 

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