Elite League Dota 2 2024: Date and Time, Format, Schedule, Results, and Where to Watch

Elite League Dota 2 2024

Elite League Dota 2 2024 is a big competition where top teams play for a lot of money. It has three parts: Swiss stage, Round-robin stage and Playoff stage. In Swiss stage, 16 teams play matches. Teams that win go to the next part. Round-robin stage has 8 teams from Swiss stage and 8 invited teams. Playoff stage is the last part where the remaining teams play. The matches are very exciting. You can watch them on Twitch. It is going to be a great event with lots of action.

Tournament Format: Elite League Dota 2 2024

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The Elite League Dota 2 2024 format is split into three main parts:

Swiss Stage (March 31 to April 4)

In this stage, 16 teams will compete intensely using a full Swiss bracket format and teams will play against others with similar records to make the matches fair. They will play best of three matches. If a team wins three times they move to the next stage. But if they lose three times they are out of the tournament.

Round-Robin Stage (April 5 to 10)

After the Swiss stage, the best eight teams move to the round-robin stage and they join eight teams that were directly invited. In this stage, teams play best of two matches. The top two teams from each group go to the upper bracket of the playoffs. Teams that finish third and fourth start in the lower bracket. The other teams are eliminated from the tournament.

Playoff Stage (April 12 to 14)

The most amazing part of the Elite League Dota 2 2024 is the playoff stage. Here, the teams left in the tournament compete in a double-elimination bracket. Most matches are best-of-three, but the grand final is even more intense it is a best of five showdown where the stakes are highest.

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Elite League Dota 2 2024: Teams

1. Talon Esports

2. Tundra Esportz

3. PSG Quest

4. Rest Farmers

5. Virtus.pro

6. Entity

7. BOOM Esports

8. Aurora

9. Heroic

10. Nouns

11. KEV

12. Blacklist International

13. OG

14. 9Pandas

15. Team Secret

16. Nigma Galaxy

Swiss Stage Standings

Here are the current Elite League Dota 2 2024 Swiss stage standings. Only the top eight teams will move on to the next round. The rest will be out of the tournament.

Sunday, March 31

TimeMatch 1Match 2
4amSecret vs. VPRest Farmers vs. Talon
7amHeroic vs. Tundra9Pandas vs. Entity
10amNigma vs. AuroraBOOM vs. PSG Quest
1pmOG vs. BlacklistKEV vs. Nouns

Round-Robin Stage

Here’s a breakdown of the complete round-robin group stage schedule and outcomes for Elite League Dota 2 2024. All match timings are in Central Time (CT).

Group AGroup B
Team SpiritBetBoom
LiquidGaimin Gladiators
Team FalconsXtreme Gaming
Azure RayLGD Gaming

Playoff Stage Schedule

Make sure to write down these dates for the Elite League Dota 2 2024 playoff stage matches. The times shown are in Central Time (CT).

Friday, April 12

  • 4am: TBD vs. TBD (Elimination Match)
  • 7am: TBD vs. TBD (Elimination Match)
  • 10am: TBD vs. TBD (Upper Bracket Final)
  • 1pm: TBD vs. TBD (Upper Bracket Final)

Saturday, April 13

  • 4am: TBD vs. TBD (Elimination Match)
  • 7am: TBD vs. TBD (Elimination Match)
  • 10am: TBD vs. TBD (Lower Bracket Final)
  • 1pm: TBD vs. TBD (Lower Bracket Final)

Sunday, April 14

  • 8am: TBD vs. TBD (Grand Final Qualifier)
  • 11am: TBD vs. TBD (Grand Final – Best-of-Five)

How to Watch Elite League Dota 2 2024

Watch all the exciting games of Elite League Dota 2 2024 live on Twitch in English. You can also find streams in Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese on different platforms. Keep an eye out for updates on where you can watch the games.

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