Genshin Impact 4.6 Update Officially Teased New Character Arlecchino

Genshin Impact 4.6

Arlecchino a new character revealed by Genshin Impact has everyone excited, she’s the third Fatui Harbinger to appear in the game. This is a big upgrade for Genshin Impact as version 4.6 will include her and a Story Quest. 

A wonderful journey into the world of Genshin Impact waits for you while we explore Arlecchino in detail explore her position in the story of the game and look at what’s to come in future updates.

Genshin Impact 4.6 New Character Arlecchino Complete Details

Unexpectedly Freminet steals the spotlight with Arlecchino in both the animated short and the character teaser even though Lyney is supposed to be the successor to the House of the Hearth. 

Similar to how Fontaine’s Archon Quests shed light on Lyney and Lynette’s adventures version 4.6 seems to be a sign of Freminet’s coming of age. 

Could his mysterious appearance be the key to opening up new story aspects in Arlecchino’s Story Quest and changing the storyline of Genshin Impact. The Arlecchino character teaser offers an interesting peek into the complex personality of this unique character. 

See her gentle touches of an injured member of the House of the Hearth paired with her strong purpose to exact justice on a fake scion of Fontaine’s aristocracy. The way Arlecchino plays her in Genshin Impact highlights the different shades of grey that run throughout her character going above the simple difference between hero and villain. 

She and the Traveller like Tartaglia have something in common they can form strange partnerships when their goals meet.

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Arlecchino House of the Hearth

Genshin Impact fans all over the world have been excited with Arlecchino ever since her amazing launch in A Winter Night’s Lazzo. There has been much discussion about the important role she will play in the game’s big story. 

When Fontaine’s Archon Quest in Version 4.2 began Arlecchino was first viewed by many as a strong enemy suitable of her famous status as a Fatui Harbinger. However she surprised everyone by siding with an unexpected friend, Beneath her brutal and unchanging desire to fight for justice she has a deep and strong trust in the wards and orphans of the House of the Hearth.

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