Genshin Impact 4.7 Clorinde and Sethos Two New Characters Leaked

Genshin Impact 4.7 Clorinde and Sethos

Popular game Genshin Impact will soon receive new characters in its Version 4.7 update Clorinde and Sethos are the two new characters that have been leaked. Rumour has it that Clorinde is a five-star figure who is most interested in elemental reactions. 

These new characters especially with Clorinde’s likely operate as a DPS unit add excitement to the game. The leak also suggests that Sethos is a four-star equality, the leak also suggests a link between the planned sixth zone of the game, Natlan and Clorinde’s arrival.

Genshin Impact 4.7 Two New Characters Leaked with Other Changes

Credits- Genshin Impact

While official information on Clorinde’s upcoming launch from HoYoverse has not yet released leaks have offered exciting peeks into her character. According to rumours Clorinde will be a strong DPS unit that focuses in combining Pyro and Electro powers to create Genshin Impact’s Overload elemental reaction. 

The leak indicates that Clorinde and Sethos will be making a major launch in the game’s massive cast. Sethos is expected to join as a new four-star also while Clorinde is ready to take on the role of a five-star character. Notably the launch of Clorinde completes the playable roster that includes Fontaine’s Archon Quest characters.

Two new faces have been added to Genshin Impact’s Version 4.7 according to a reliable leak supplied by famous HoYoverse informant hxg_diluc and shared via the renowned leaker Tieba Uncle K. 

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Fontaine’s launch revealed not only a unique setting but also an upcoming roster for Genshin Impact, playable characters such as Lyney, Charlotte and Navia are crucial to the current storyline of the game. The game’s developing story has also gained difficulty with the recent discovery that Arlecchino is the newest Fatui Harbinger. 

Version 4.4 introduced Xianyun and game to the excited player base a lot improving the game experience. This was made possible by the annual Lantern Rite event, the focus now moves to an upcoming update that will feature Champion Duelist Clorinde’s much expected launch.

As with the Version 4.3 addition of Chevreuse her launch signals the start of Fontaine’s ongoing research into unused mechanics. On the other hand, players are curious about Sethos’s identity and function in the game because there is still a lack of knowledge about her.

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