Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Banners: Reveals New Characters and Release Date

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Banners

There are two cool new characters joining the game: Robin, a famous singer from Penacony and Boothill, a tough cowboy seeking revenge. Find out about their special powers that can help you win battles. But wait, there’s more. Some old favourite characters are also coming back. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 8, 2024 and get ready for some awesome Honkai Star Rail action.

Introducing New Characters in Version 2.2

Credits- Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 is set to launch on May 8, 2024. In the newest update, players are in for a special surprise with the arrival of Robin, as the main star of version 2.2’s character event. Boothill is a mysterious cowboy with robotic parts who is on a mission for payback against the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC).


Robin comes from Penacony and stands out as an interesting person. People adore her because of her part in the famous Charmony Festival. Her special background and amazing skills have made her very popular. People from all over the galaxy love watching her perform.

When things get intense in battle, Robin’s music skills shine bright and give crucial help and boosts to her friends. Every time she performs, she not only lifts spirits but also makes her allies stronger, hitting hard at enemies while dodging their tricky moves.


Boothill joins the Trailblazers and sets off on a determined journey through space and fueled by a strong need for revenge against the IPC. She fights fiercely with her robotic upgrades and dealing extra damage to enemies in battles. Her special power not only hurts foes but also slows them down, giving her an advantage in fights.

Besides the new characters, players can also get back some special 5-star characters from past events. This includes Topaz and Numby, who works for the IPC and Fu Xuan, the Master Diviner.

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Banner Phases

Phase 1

  • 5-star Robin: Path of Harmony, Combat Type: Physical
  • 5-star Topaz and Numby: Path of the Hunt, Combat Type: Fire
  • 4-star March 7th: Path of Preservation, Combat Type: Ice
  • 4-star Hanya: Path of Harmony, Combat Type: Physical
  • 4-star Xueyi: Path of Destruction, Combat Type: Quantum

Phase 2

  • 5-star Boothill: Path of the Hunt, Combat Type: Physical
  • 5-star Fu Xuan: Path of Preservation, Combat Type: Quantum
  • 4-star Pela: Path of Nihility, Combat Type: Ice
  • 4-star Luka: Path of Nihility, Combat Type: Physical
  • 4-star Hook: Path of Destruction, Combat Type: Firea

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