Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Leaks: Improved Quality-of-Life Updates and More

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Leaks

Version 2.2 will see even bigger awards for the Clockie Statue meaning players will be able to obtain more Stellar Jade. This will come as a huge surprise to fans of Honkai Star Rail. 

Before the game’s official release we get to see early peeks of new characters and funny activities if the rumours about these things are true version 2.2 will be full of amazing things. 

Players may come across three banners again, two new characters and more, the topic of a new friend work has also been raised up.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience and Quality-of-Life Updates

Credits- Honkai Star Rail

The most valuable item that can be obtained with the Clockie Statue is Stellar Jade which is also the main form of payment for Special Rail Passes. Although Trailblazers receive a specific amount of Stellar Jade with each Honkai Star Rail update the continuous search of extra is necessary to obtain as many tickets as possible. 

Generally hidden behind time-limited banners these tickets are the only way to obtain new characters and Light Cones. Honkai Star Rail luckily provides many of ways to obtain Stellar Jade mission achievements, looting treasure chests and exploring the Simulated Universe.

The next update for Honkai Star Rail will bring various quality-of-life improvements meant to improve the user experience along with increased Clockie Statue levels and Stellar Jade awards. 

One major change in these versions is the arrival of a suggestion system that helps players rank the Traces that are most important for their characters. Also the upgrade will enable Participants to show their friends their in-game status by using a creative social feature.

A rewarding system the Clockie Statue allows players to obtain a variety of items, such as Stellar Jades and Refined Aethers by utilising Clock Credits that can be earned through exploration, missions and treasure hunts. Hide away in the Golden Hour, a sub-zone in the larger Honkai Star Rail world of Penacony the Clockie Statue is similar to Genshin Impact’s Statue of The Seven and can be advanced to yield better rewards.

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New Upcoming Features Version 2.2

If these leaks turn out to be true, Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 is going to blow players away with tonnes of new content. Two new characters, three rerun banners a free Light Cone and two relic sets that improve particular unit abilities are all rumoured to be featured in the update. 

Also Harmony Trailblazer will make its official release with version 2.2, the maximum level of the Clockie Statue will increase from 35 to 50 according to a leak coming from MadCroiX. 

As a result after these extra levels are unlocked players will have the opportunity to obtain a minimum of 240 Stellar Jades. Also players will receive Credits as a reward for reaching the highest level, these Credits can be used to purchase materials and recipes in a variety of in-game stores.

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