Honkai Star Rail Leaks: Free Light Cone and For Tomorrow’s Journey Revealed

Honkai Star Rail Leaks

Get the latest details on the rumoured update for the popular game Honkai Star Rail which will give players a free gift called as a Light Cone. This gift increases a character’s health, attack and defence making them stronger. 

Normally, players need to pay game money to obtain these things, but now they can get one for free. Also there are clues of new enemies and events that will happen shortly, Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 promises adventure and rewards.

Honkai Star Rail: Free Light Cones and Other Gifts

Credits- Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is set to release six new Light Cones each with special stats and passive powers, along with For Tomorrow’s Journey. Enhancement of the Break Effect, higher CRIT rate and energy regeneration capabilities are among the improvements that these forthcoming weapons will have according to reliable community sources. The upcoming version 2.2 and later upgrades will provide these new Light Cones to players.

Acheron and Gallagher two new playable characters in Honkai Star Rail are about to launch in version 2.1, Aventurine and popular characters such as Jingliu, Luka, Lynx and Serval will eventually take their position in the next part of version 2.1. These characters will be available under the same banner until April 17.

Players who download Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 will receive a free Light Cone called For Tomorrow’s Journey according to information leaked by Firefly Lover. 

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Specifically this weapon is only available to characters who are on the Harmony path giving them access to its passive abilities, For Tomorrow’s Journey is a very promising passive skill for players looking for an offensive push. It boosts ATK by 16% and when activated deals an additional 18% damage increase.

New Light Cones and Character Updates

Version 2.2 of Honkai Star Rail is currently in testing, and there are leaks that suggest some amazing new features. Each week, a new monster is expected to appear bringing with it much-desired goodies such as the four-star Light Cone, Lucent Afterglow and the Ashblazing Grand Duke relic set. 

It is also expected that the update would bring five attractive events with big rewards like Refined Aether and Self-Modeling Resin. Players are in for a surprise with the news that a free Light Cone leak will be added in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail version 2.2. Light cones are useful weapons in the Honkai universe, giving characters higher numbers like DEF, ATK and HP. 

Usually, players have to use in-game currency to purchase permanent unlocks for these things, which are obtained through a gacha system. Still Herta’s Shop offers several Light Cones that can be accessed without paying for Rail Passes such as Cruising in the Stellar Sea and Texture of Memories.

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