Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2: Exclusive Light Cone Price and Flagship Event

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2

The latest version of Honkai Star Rail gives players prizes events to take part in and the chance to win big, Dreamjoy Memoir is one of the events, the game’s events are temporary but some return later. 

At this moment version 2.1 offers players an exclusive Light Cone and a great deal of Stellar Jades. But version 2.2 is coming shortly and promises even more fun with new characters and events like Fate’s Atlas, Robin and Boothill.

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Flagship Event Complete Details

Credits- Honkai Star Rail
  • Event Name: Dreamjoy Memoir
  • Event Duration: May 7 – 29
  • Rewards: Four-star Light Cone, Lost Crystals, Traveler’s Guides, Refined Aethers and Stellar Jades

A second headlining event will be unveiled in late May so fans should set their calendars for a three-week running of Dreamjoy Memoir in version 2.2.

Character and Gameplay Enhancements

As five-star characters with the ability to use the Physical element, Robin and Boothill will finally make their debut in the much-awaited version 2.2. Special Rail Pass holders can access multiple four-star rerun units under their launch banners. 

Also version 2.2 offers a host of gameplay and quality-of-life features such as the option to mute the in-game sound while reducing the screen. Players can enjoy the wide range of events included in the current version before jumping into the thrill of the upcoming 2.2 upgrade. 

One of these is the exciting board game Cosmodyssey, which allows Trailblazers to move across map squares by rolling dice. Tides of War meanwhile offers combat fans difficult stages where they must square up against powerful enemies. The triple-reward events that come with version 2.1 are unique because they provide a larger supply of Planar Ornaments and Cavern Relics.

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A Sneak Peek into Version 2.2

Chikawa recently made some interesting discoveries regarding the much-expected version 2.2 upgrade with a focus on the Dreamjoy Memoir event in particular. This one-of-a-kind event includes three missions editing duties, side story advancement and filming assistance for Dreamjoy Ascension, Bubby Clockie and Brother Hanu’s Great Heist. 

There are several rewards available for the Dreamjoy Memoir event, on the time-limited banners of Honkai Star Rail, players can win over 1000 Stellar Jades, Refined Aethers, Lost Crystals and a complimentary four-star Harmony Light Cone.

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