How to Find and Catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Relaxaurus in Palworld

Want to catch Relaxaurus, a cool water-type Pal? It is tricky but worth it and you can find it around Ascetic Falls and in the Thunder Dragon dungeon. 

To catch it, bring along grass-type Pals and try to get Mega Spheres for better chances. Once you have Relaxaurus it can help with watering and battles at your base. Catching it adds a lot to your collection and helps you in the game.

Where to Find Relaxaurus in Palworld

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When you are looking for Relaxaurus, you will want to check out the peaceful places near Ascetic Falls and the hidden Thunder Dragon dungeon. These spots are in the middle of the map and have beautiful forests. You will know you are in the right place when you see the blue Relaxaurus hanging out there.

How to Capture Relaxaurus in Palworld

Before you go searching for Relaxaurus, make sure you are ready. They are usually between levels 10 to 20, so you will need to be careful. Get a strong team of Pals together, especially grass-types to fight against Relaxaurus, since it’s a water-type. That way, you will be all set for the big meeting.

Prepare for water attacks and slow-moving dragon moves when you face Relaxaurus. Be careful because they are quick to fight when they see you. Use smart tactics by bringing out grass-type Pals like Dinossum or ice-type ones like Chillet to beat them faster. Don’t use fire or dark-type Pals because Relaxauruses like to eat them up.

When Relaxaurus gets weaker in the fight, use a regular Pal Sphere to catch it. If you want to catch more than one, use Mega Spheres instead.

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The Utility of Relaxaurus

Relaxauruses aren’t just good in fights, they are handy to have around your base for lots of things. They are great at watering plants which is one of the first things they can do when they reach level two. They can also carry stuff around for you. Since they are like water dragons, they are useful against fire or dark-type enemies. And if you put a Saddle on them, they become even stronger and attack fast.

You get some really good stuff when you capture or beat Relaxaurus. You might get High-Quality Pal Oil, which you need for getting important materials later in the game like Polymer. Sometimes you will also get a Ruby which you can sell to merchants for a lot of money like 500 gold.

Finding and catching Relaxaurus in Palworld is helpful. It adds a lot to your collection and gives you lots of advantages in battles and at your base.

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