How to Find and Get The Full Helldusk Armor Set In Baldur’s Gate 3

Helldusk Armor Set In Baldur’s Gate 3

Discover the mysteries of the Helldusk Armour Set by setting out on an amazing quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. This incredible armour is quite useful in combat and is incredibly robust, but obtaining it is not simple. You’ll have to take on difficult obstacles and go through hazardous areas, the helmet, gloves armour and boots are the four pieces of the set. 

You become even more powerful with the unique abilities of each section, we will walk you through getting each component of the Helldusk Armour in this guide. You will discover all the necessary skills to become a legendary hero in the game from unearthing hidden vaults to vanquishing formidable foes, so be set for a thrilling adventure.

The Flawed Helldusk Armor Pieces

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The tiefling blacksmith Dammon provides a workable substitute for adventurers looking for a short-term fix before acquiring the entire Helldusk Armour Set. The Flawed Helldusk Armour pieces can be obtained from Dammon by using Infernal Iron and they offer players temporary protection until Act 3 is finished.

Find and Get Flawed Helldusk Armor from Dammon:

  • In Act 2 Dammon can create Flawed Helldusk Armour pieces by visiting the Inn of Last Light, this will require Infernal Iron.
  • Even with their flaws these armour components provide adventurers with important protection until they obtain the entire Helldusk Armour Set.
  • Set Out on the Path to Legendary Might

The obstacles that await adventurers must be prepared for when they set out on the mission to acquire the Helldusk Armour Set in Baldur’s Gate 3. Bravery, slyness and tenacity will allow them to get past any challenge and take their proper position in the annals of Faerun lore. Thus arm yourself and be ready to vanquish the night with the fabled Helldusk Armour Set by your side.

The Helldusk Gloves

Famous for their durability and mystical abilities the Helldusk Gloves provide significant benefits in combat. With these uncommon gloves adventurers may unleash devastating blows on their enemies thanks to their increased strength and spellcasting powers. But it will need more than just negotiating cunning enticements and fighting your way through to get these desired gloves.

Find and Get the Helldusk Gloves:

  • Navigate the House of Hope sneak inside the Archives and pick up the Boudoir invitation.
  • Take on Harleep in the Boudoir resist their seductions and vanquish them in battle to obtain the Helldusk Gloves.

The Helldusk Boots

Legendarily durable and incredibly mobile the Helldusk Boots provide explorers with unmatched dexterity in combat. These unique boots provide you with a significant advantage in any situation because of their capacity to overcome barriers and avoid threats. Still as explorers make their way through dangerous areas obtaining these elusive footwear requires stealth and strategy.

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Find and Get the Helldusk Boots:

  • Sneak into Gortash’s chambers inside Wyrm’s Rock Fortress and you’ll find the Helldusk Boots inside a locked room.
  • Successfully extract the Helldusk Boots from the Gilded Chest next to Gortash’s bed by navigating through perilous traps and encounters.

The Helldusk Helmet

The Helldusk Helmet is an unmatched defensive tool that shines like a beacon for whoever wears it. This unique helmet which has been crafted with mystical characteristics improves the wearer’s senses with its Infernal Sight ability and grants immunity against Critical Hits. Adventurers will need to overcome difficult obstacles and negotiate the House of Hope’s maze-like interior in order to obtain this priceless treasure.

Find and Get the Helldusk Helmet:

  • Find the House of Hope’s secret vault which is hidden behind a mystical barrier close to the Boudoir.
  • Go up the stairs and complete an Arcana check (DC20) to activate the Inert Infernal Gem.
  • After you succeed the vault opens and you can see all of its valuables, like Mol’s Contract, the Staff of Spellpower and the Helldusk Helmet.

The Helldusk Armor

The Helldusk Armour an extreme level of protection and strength is a symbol of the wearer’s tenacity. This fabled heavy armour provides unrivalled benefits in combat thanks to its superior protective qualities and magical charms. However obtaining this elusive item requires steadfast resolve and combat prowess.

Find and Get the Helldusk Armor:

  • Take on Raphael in the ultimate test of the House of Hope defeating strong opponents to declare victory and get the Helldusk Armour.

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