How To Find and Kill Shriekers in Helldivers 2

Shriekers in Helldivers 2

In the latest update of Helldivers 2 there is a new challenge: Shriekers. These flying enemies are scary and tough to beat and this guide will help you find and defeat them.

You will know where to look for Shriekers and how to destroy them and their nests with simple tips and tricks, you will become a Shrieker fighting pro in no time.

Where to Find Shriekers in Helldivers 2

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In Helldivers 2, Shriekers are different from the usual bad guys. They are not around all the time and you can only find them in certain missions with extra tasks. So far, they have only been seen on the hardest difficulty level, Suicide Mission.

Finding Shriekers is easier if you spot where they live. Look for big groups of glowing mushrooms and these mushrooms look like the ones called Spore Spewers, and they are where Shriekers make more of themselves.

When you get close to a Shrieker nest they will start flying around to protect it. Be careful as you get closer because they will call more Shriekers to help defend their home.

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How to Kill Shriekers in Helldivers 2 

To defeat Shriekers, aim for their wings or head with any main weapon. If you hit them in the right spot they will go down in one or two shots. It is important to be fast and accurate before they attack you. Another way is to use an Arc Thrower to quickly get rid of groups of Shriekers, which saves time.

If you want to get rid of Shriekers fast in Helldivers 2 you can destroy their nests. Use special tactics like the Eagle 500KG Bomb, Laser Canon, or EAT-17 missile to blow up these nests. Regular guns won’t work well because the nests are really tough.

When dealing with Shrieker Nests, it is best to stay about 130 meters away to avoid making the Shriekers attack too soon. They will start attacking when you get too close. So, it is important to keep a safe distance to destroy the nests without getting swarmed by Shriekers.

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