How to Fix VAN 84 Error in VALORANT?

VAN 84 Error in VALORANT

If you play VALORANT and ever got kicked out of a match with an error code VAN 84. So, this article will guide you through fixing this issue step by step. We will explain what causes the VAN 84 error including problems with the game servers or your internet connection. Then, we will provide easy to follow solutions to get you back into the game quickly.

What is the VAN 84 Error in VALORANT?


Sometimes when you are playing VALORANT online you might run into a server error called VAN 84. This error kicks you out of the game suddenly and messes up your gameplay. The first thing is to know why this error happens and also the first thing you need to do to fix it smoothly.

Just like any other online game, sometimes VALORANT has problems. One common issue is the VAN 84 error which annoys lots of players. It might happen because something’s wrong with the game’s servers or because there’s a problem with your internet connection.

Server-side and Local Network Issues

Sometimes, when VALORANT’s servers have problems or are being fixed players might see VAN 84 or similar errors. These errors stop you from using the game’s online features. Also, if your internet has issues you might see VAN 84 too. You might need to do some troubleshooting to fix it.

Developers say VAN 84 pops up when the game can’t connect well with the servers. This problem can happen either because of issues on your side or on the game’s servers. If it’s the servers having trouble it might be because they are getting fixed up. You might want to check if the servers are working fine and if they match your region.

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How to Fix the VAN 84 Error in Valorant?

Fixing the VAN 84 error needs a careful way of figuring out what’s wrong. This helps to solve it quickly and get back to playing without any more interruptions.

  1. Check VALORANT’s Server Status: Check if VALORANT’s servers are working. If they’re not because they are being fixed or for other reasons just wait until they’re back online. Once they are up and running again the VAN 84 error should go away on its own.
  1. Verify Internet Connection: Make sure your internet is working well by doing a speed test. This helps you find any problems that might cause the error.
  1. Network Restart: Just turning off and then back on your modem and router can often fix small problems that might be causing the error.
  1. System Reboot: Try to restart your computer, this can help fix any hidden problems that might be causing the VAN 84 error.
  1. Disable IPv6: Some users have reported success in resolving the VAN 84 error by disabling IPv6 a less common but potential culprit behind connectivity issues.
  1. Close Killer Prioritization Engine: If Intel’s Killer Prioritization Engine is running in the background it could cause the VAN 84 error. Turning off this process might help fix the problem.
  1. Check for Conflicting Software: If you close the VALORANT game and reopen it that might fix any problems causing the error.
  1. Connect to Alternate Server: If nothing else works then try connecting to a different VALORANT server in another area. This might help you get around any problems with the server causing the error.

If you follow these steps carefully you can fix the VAN 84 error in VALORANT. This means you can keep playing without any interruptions in the fast-paced world of competitive gaming.

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