How to Get Beets in Stardew Valley?

Beets in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you can grow Beets for fun and good stuff. This guide helps you do that. Beets are red and tasty and they help your game in many ways. You need special seeds to grow them but these seeds are not easy to find. In this guide we will tells you where to get them. Once you have the seeds, plant them in fall. Then wait for six days and your Beets will be ready to pick. You can do lots of things with Beets in the game because Beets play a importance role in Stardew Valley. This guide tells you all about it.

How to get Beets in Stardew Valley?

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First you need to get some beet seeds If you want to start growing beets. They are a bit harder to find than regular seeds you can get at Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart. You can buy them from Sandy at The Oasis Shop in the Desert for 20 gold which is not too expensive. Or sometimes, you might find them at the Traveling Cart but they can be pricier there, ranging from 100 to 1,000 gold. If you ae feeling adventurous, you could also explore The Skull Cavern. Sometimes you can find beet seeds hidden in treasure rooms there, usually between five to twenty seeds.

Fall is the best time to plant beet seeds because that’s when they grow best. After you plant them, it takes about six days for the beets to grow fully. Then, you can harvest them and get one beet from each plant you grew. So, you will have some tasty beets to show for your farming efforts.

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How to Use Beets in Stardew Valley

Apart from being useful as a crop, beets have many different uses in Stardew Valley.

  1. The Mysterious Qi Questline: In one part of the mysterious Qi questline you have to put 10 beets in Mayor Lewis’ fridge.
  1. Sugar Production: You can turn beets into sugar in the mill. You get three units of sugar from one beet and Sugar is useful for many recipes.
  1. Vegetable Medley Recipe: Combine a beet with a tomato makes a yummy dish called Vegetable Medley in the game.
  1. Gifts: In Stardew Valley, giving beets as gifts is a nice idea for most characters but not for Vincent, Sam, Jas, Abigail or Haley.
  1. Dye Bundles: You need to include beets to complete one of the dye bundles on the Bulletin Board. If you finish all the dye bundles, you get a special Seed Maker as a reward.

Growing beets in Stardew Valley is a fun part of farming and helps you connect with the characters in the game.

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