How to Get Dazzi Cloud in Palworld? Full Detail Guide

Dazzi Cloud in Palworld

Dazzi Cloud is important in the Palworld game and It helps you do cool stuff like crafting. You need to go after Electric Pal Dazzis to find Dazzi Cloud. You have to defeat them to get it. Another way is to hatch a Dazzi from an Electric Egg but it’s a bit tricky to find them. They usually hang out in the desert area and the cool thing is you can use Dazzi Cloud to make something called a Homeward Thundercloud which is super helpful when things get tough.

How to Collect Dazzi Cloud in Palworld?

There are lots of mysterious creatures called Pals in Palworld’s Palpagos Island. One of these creatures is the Dazzi and it’s special because it gives players something called Dazzi Cloud. This thing is really important for a key part of the game called Technologies. Let’s know how to get lots of Dazzi Cloud for all your crafting needs.

Acquire Dazzi Cloud

Acquire Dazzi Cloud Credits- Palworld

Dazzi Cloud is a valuable material in Palworld and you can get it in different ways. Let’s take a closer look at how to use it for crafting, what it does and how to get your hands on this super useful resource.

Defeat Electric Pal Dazzi

Defeat Electric Pal Dazzi Credits- Palworld

Start your journey to get Dazzi Cloud by facing the Electric Pal Dazzi. Beat or catch this strong opponent to get the special Dazzi Cloud. You can also hatch a Dazzi from an Electric Egg to get it too. Each time you win against a Dazzi and you will get two drops of Dazzi Cloud.

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Locate the Dazzi

Locate the Dazzi Credits- Palworld

Even though Dazzis are hard to find but you can spot them in the desert area of Palpagos Island. Look for their yellow colour and the best place to search is north of the Sand Dunes Entrance fast travel point. Dazzis can be tough to deal with but if you keep trying and have a Ground Pal with you, you can succeed. Make sure to wear armour that protects you from desert weather so you can move around comfortably even in extreme temperatures.

Dazzi Cloud showed up when the April 4 Raid update came to Palworld but the patch notes didn’t mention it. Before, when you met a Dazzi you’d only get Electric Organs. This new resource is a big deal because it’s something different and important.

How to Use Dazzi Cloud for Technological Advancements?

Dazzi Cloud becomes a key part of the new Homeward Thundercloud Technology in Palworld’s Raid update. This cool invention lets you instantly teleport back to your base no matter where you are on the map. You won’t need to rely on fast travel points anymore. Homeward Thundercloud can be a saviour when times are bad and giving you the confidence to take on obstacles.

It shows how technology keeps getting better. Take advantage of this new resource to go beyond limits and find new ways to succeed on Palpagos Island.

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