How to Get Honey Locations in Enshrouded? Best Location and Tips

Honey Locations in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, survival depends on acquiring necessary resources in the presence of danger. Find the locations of honey, a major component in healing recipes, in this easy-to-use guide. Find out where beehives are located, safe honey harvesting techniques, and the best places to gather honey. Find alternate safe places while understanding the way of resource renewal for long-term collecting. Search new methods to build your own facilities for producing honey. 

Adventurers of all skill levels can succeed in the world of Enshrouded. In this article’s straightforward explanations and easy-to-follow directions help you to get Honey.

Where to Find Honey In Enshrouded 

Honey Locations in Enshrouded (Credits- Enshrouded)

In Enshrouded’s thick forests, honey hides in beehives on tall trees. You can spot these beehives by their gray sack like shapes hanging from branches. Usually, you will find them grouped in twos or threes. To get honey, go near the tree with the beehive and take out the honey from it.

If the beehive is too high to reach by hand, it is smart to use a bow and arrow. By aim carefully and shooting from far away, adventurers can avoid angering the bees and getting attacked while trying to collect honey up close.

Best Location for Honey 

Near Longkeep and the Flame Altar, there is a lot of honey for new adventurers. If you go east from Longkeep, you will find many trees with lots of honey in their beehives. If you search this area carefully, you can collect a good amount of honey to prepare for your upcoming adventures.

If you accidentally knock down trees with beehives near Longkeep, don’t worry. You can find other places to get honey. Head west from Ancient Spire – Revelwood to Diadwyn, a lush area with plenty of trees covered in honey-filled beehives.

After you take honey from a beehive, it disappears. But don’t worry, it will be back in the same spot the next day. This makes it easy to keep collecting honey without having to go far. Also, if you reload the game or go back to the main menu, everything, including the beehives, comes back. Smart adventurers can use this trick to farm efficiently.

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New Technique to Get Honey 

As adventurers journey on, they will meet a Farmer who gives them quests to do. When they finish these quests, they get a Beehive Smoker—a special tool. With this tool, adventurers can make their own beehives and take out honey and wax whenever they want. Having this tool lets adventurers set up their own honey-making places, so they always have enough for what they’re doing.

Searching for honey in Enshrouded isn’t just about finding something sweet. It is crucial for stay alive and win in the journey. The tips and tricks in this guide, adventurers can explore Enshrouded’s dangerous lands feeling sure of themselves. They will have nature’s powerful potion to help them along the way.

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