How to get the Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld

Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld

Check out the newest update for Palworld version It has got some cool stuff like a tough Raid Boss and this cool book called The Ancient Technical Manual. This book is super important because it helps you beat the hardest parts of the game. You can find it and learn how to use it to make special things and make the game even more fun. Just follow our guide to uncover the secrets of Palworld’s ancient tech and become the best player ever.

How to get Ancient Technical Manual

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As you move forward in Palworld you get lots of different items and some of them you can only get by spending Ancient Technology Points. These special items make the game more fun, so it is super important to collect Ancient Technology Points.

Before Raids were a thing it was hard to get Ancient Technology Points. You mostly got them by beating Alpha bosses or catching them. But now with Raids there’s a new way to get important stuff. One of the best things you can find is the Ancient Technical Manual. It gives you extra Ancient Technology Points which are valuable.

If you want to go on Raids and maybe get the Ancient Technical Manuals in Palworld you need to build a Summoning Altar first. You can buy the blueprint for it when you reach level 33 in the game. Once you have it, gather the stuff you need to make it and find a big space in your Base to put it.

Summoning Altar Construction Requirements:

  • Stone x100
  • Paldium Fragment x20

Once you have the Summoning Altar you can start Raid battles. You need at least four Slab Fragments that match to begin a Raid. You can find these fragments in purple chests while exploring dungeons.

After you have got the right Slab Fragments, use the Production Assembly Line II to put them together into one Slab. Then use this Slab with the Summoning Altar to start Raid battles. But remember the Summoning Altar will run out after each battle. If you really like Raids it is smart to gather extra materials so you can rebuild the Summoning Altar whenever you need to.

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The Functionality of the Ancient Technical Manual

When you use an Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld, you get one Ancient Technology Point. These points are valuable because they let you unlock a bunch of special crafting recipes from ancient times. Some examples include the Egg Incubator and the Grappling Gun.

You had to defeat big enemies or beat Alpha Pal bosses to get Ancient Technology Points in the past. But now in Palworld version, there is an easier way. Just go into your inventory and choose any Ancient Technical Manuals you have found while playing. Then you can use them to get Ancient Technology Points.

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