How to get the Katana in Sons of the Forest?

Katana in Sons of the Forest

Find the Katana in Sons of the Forest by going on an adventurous search. This legendary weapon is hidden deep within the game, just waiting for brave players to find its secrets. You can obtain this powerful item for yourself with a few necessary instruments and cautious navigation. Find the Katana in a dimly lit cave by following simple steps to gather objects, fight creatures, and unearth them. You will be invincible against the creatures of the island once you have this powerful blade in your hands. With the Katana at your side, get ready to go into the unknown and return victory.

How to Get Katana in Son of Forest?

Credits- Sons of the Forest

The following crucial phases have been carefully designed to lead you through the dangerous route to the Katana, so get ready for the adventure ahead:

1. Gathering Essential Tools

Before setting out to claim the Katana, ensure you have the necessary tools at your disposal:

  • Rebreather
  • Rope Gun
  • Shovel
  • Maintenance Keycard
  • Guest Keycard

With these items in hand, you’re ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

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2. Navigate the Treacherous Terrain

Use your Rebreather and Rope Gun to investigate the tunnels that hold the elusive Shovel, which is an essential tool for finding the Katana.

3. Find Maintenance Keycard

Take the Shovel and head toward Digsite A, which can be found near some old golf carts and equipment. Explore on to find the Maintenance Keycard, an essential component of the puzzle.

4. Ready for Battle with Mutants

Follow the directions to the Recreational bunker, which your GPS will indicate with a pulsing green signal. Get ready for battle as you extract the Guest Keycard from this dangerous mutant-infested area.

5. Claim the Katana

When you have everything you need, head to the east side of the island. Look for a cave opening next to a large lake that can be identified by a large rock feature. This is your entryway to the Katana, your ultimate reward.

Step inside the cave and follow the path down to an underground facility. Overcome challenges as you:

  • Utilize the Guest Keycard to bypass security measures.
  • Descend into the facility, engaging in battles and navigating corridors fraught with danger.

Finally, you will arrive at Level 2, where the Katana is beautifully displayed in a dimly lighted space. Take hold of this legendary weapon and carry it with honor, knowing that you have overcome the difficulties presented by the Sons of the Forest.

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