How to Get the Lock Egg in Roblox Sol’s RNG?

Lock Egg in Roblox

The Lock Egg is difficult to get in Roblox’s Sol’s RNG. First, you have to find hidden eggs and finish tasks. Here’s how it works: Begin at Lime and search for rare eggs. Lime then gives you the Altar quest. You do some chants and find an orb to activate it. After that, a cutscene shows up, introducing the Lock Egg. To get it, head over to Jake’s Workshop and buy it. This guide breaks down each step clearly so you can easily get the Lock Egg.

Understand Why the Lock Egg is Important

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The Lock Egg in Sol’s RNG is mysterious and said to be cursed with strong powers. Getting this item is very hard especially since you need to first get the hard-to-find Unbound aura which relies a lot on luck.

Remember, you have until April 26th to complete the quest for the Lock Egg. After that, it might not be available anymore and it is unsure if it will be restocked.

How to Find the Lock Egg in Roblox

The Lock Egg in Sol’s RNG on Roblox is a big challenge, to get it. First, find Lime near where you start. Talk to Lime to begin your journey and get the first task. This task is to find 15 rare eggs scattered around. For help finding them check our guide for where to look.

Once you have found all the eggs, go back to Lime to finish the task. Then, Lime will give you the Altar quest, also known as the Liberator Quest. Check out our guide for step-by-step instructions on how to start this important part of the journey.

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Starting the Lock Egg Quest

Start the activation ritual by chanting and adding the Unbound aura to the Altar. Then, head to the obby near the big tree. Leave the cave and go to the giant tree with floating platforms. Climb up these platforms and go to the shiny orb on the middle white platform. Keep the Unbound aura on. Watch as the orb turns purple. Go into the orb’s center and return to Lime.

A big event happens, showing off the special Lock Egg. Go to the center of the area, close to Jake’s Workshop, to get the Lock Egg.

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