How to Login in CoD Warzone Mobile and Cross-platform Details

CoD Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has been released today, players are excited to play the warzone Mobile on their mobile devices. But players are facing login issues and want to know about the cross-platform feature. Because only some of the games support the Cross-platform feature.

In this article, we will tell you about simple steps for login, how you can login the ID in your devices and how the Cross-platform feature works.

Does Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Support Cross-Platform?

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Many players want to know that Warzone Mobile supports Cross-platform, the simple answer is no. The cross-platform feature allows players to play Warzone Mobile with Another Platform like PC, X-box and PlayStation. 

Does Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Cross-progression?

Yes, the CoD Warzone Mobile Supports Cross-progression, this means players can easily share their achievements, experiences and unlocking items across different platforms such as PC and Consoles. 

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How to Login ID in CoD Warzone Mobile?

You can login your ID by following these steps:

Step 1: Create a New Account

If you are a new player to CoD Universe and have never played the games on PC or Consoles, then you need to create an Activision ID on the official website. Your Activision ID is the key to unlock the Call of Duty World.

Step 2: Link Your Activision ID

After making your Activision ID, the important thing is to link it to Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. This link helps you smoothly continue your progress and unlocks special stuff just for you.

Step 3: Select Guest Mode or Activision ID

If you are new to Call of Duty or don’t want to connect your Activision ID, you can still play as a Guest. Just start the game and you can jump right into the fun of Warzone Mobile without needing an Activision ID.

It is a good idea to link your Activision ID because it helps you have a better gaming experience and keep track of your progress. You can use it across different Call of Duty games and platforms, so you won’t lose your progress.

When you start a new Call of Duty account, you are going into a new world of action gameplay. Warzone Mobile offers endless possibilities for gaming experiences. Whether you link your Activision ID or play as a guest, get ready for intense action and unforgettable moments in Warzone Mobile.

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