How to Make and Use a Mace in Minecraft

Mace in Minecraft

A new weapon called the Mace has arrived in Minecraft and this heavy hammer-like tool brings powerful fighting moves and better ways to move around. This article will show you everything about the Mace like how to make it, use it in fights and fix it when needed. 

You will learn simple steps to craft the Mace, gather its special parts and put them together. Then find easy tactics to fight with the Mace like jumping from high places for extra damage and also find out how to make your enemies fly further with the Mace’s special knockback effect.

How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 

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Finding a mace out in the wild is pretty rare, if you want one it is better to make it yourself. Unlike swords and axes, you won’t just find a mace lying around in a chest. Here is how you can make your own mace.

1. Gather Resources: You need to get a Breeze Rod and a Heavy Core to start making your mace. You can make a Breeze Rod by putting together four Wind Chargers. Heavy Cores are tricky to find but you might come across them inside The Vault building.

2. Crafting Process: Go to an anvil and put together the Breeze Rod and Heavy Core you got. This will make the strong mace. Just keep in mind you can’t stack maces and each one starts with 250 points of durability.

3. Resource Acquisition Tips: You can get Breeze Rods by beating the tough Breeze enemy which you only find in trial chambers. Heavy Cores hide in vaults inside these chambers. To open these vaults, you need a trial key and each player can get rewards from them once.

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How to Use Mace in Minecraft 

Now that you have this powerful weapon it is important to use it well in fights, follow these tips to make the most of the mace:

Use the mace’s strong power by hitting enemies accurately. Jump from high places and attack when you’re coming down. This move can hurt enemies a lot, but it’s risky. If you time it right you won’t get hurt from falling, but if you mess up, you might get hurt badly. Practice on small hills first to get good at it before trying bigger jumps.

Use the mace’s push back power to send enemies flying far away. Some brave players have shown how strong the mace is by defeating tough enemies like the Warden. But usually to beat these enemies, you need to make them fall from a high place.

Now that you know how to make a mace and fight with it, you are ready to be really strong in Minecraft. Use the mace carefully but bravely, and make your enemies scared of you.

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