How to Unlock and Use the Flamethrower in Helldivers 2?

Flamethrower in Helldivers 2

To survive in the brutal world of Helldivers 2, you must become skilled with the usage of support weapons. The Flamethrower is one of these powerful weapons of mass destruction that is especially effective against the powerful Terminid group. We will tell you how to use strategy and methods in this guide to successfully use the Flamethrower and guarantee your victory in battle.

How to Unlock the Flamethrower

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In order to use the Ship Management system and get to level 10, you must first master the Flamethrower’s destructive power. Unlocking the Flamethrower through Ship Management ensures that you have access to this deadly support weapon when you need it most, even though it can occasionally be found as random ground loot.

How to Use Flamethrower in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers can move with great mobility while burning large areas of their rivals in flames because to the Flamethrower’s incredible range. To maximize the effectiveness of the weapon, gamers can target many enemies at once in third-person view. The Flamethrower’s large magazine capacity and sufficient fuel supply provide continuous destruction and enable the rapid elimination of enemy units.

Even with its great strength, the Flamethrower must be used with knowledge and caution. Helldivers have a short wind-up period, thus in order to fully unleash their fury, they must anticipate encounters and keep a safe distance. Furthermore, because the Flamethrower’s flames kill anything that is alive, including its wielder, it is blind and requires constant monitoring.

To get the most out of the Flamethrower, target choosing and strategic placement are essential. When dealing with several kinds of enemy compositions, it is best to prioritize higher-tier enemies in order to maximize resource consumption and save fuel for longer battles.

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The Flamethrower is a very good weapon against both biological and mechanical opponents, but it works particularly well against the Terminid and other organic competitors. Helldivers can swing the tide of combat in their favor by engulfing enemy strongholds in flames and taking advantage of the damage that continues to be dealt over time.

Being able to use the Flamethrower is a sign of expertise and adaptation in the unstable world of Helldivers 2. Through the execution of the strategies described in this tutorial, Helldivers can fully utilize this powerful support tool, changing the course of combat and defeating even the most dangerous opponents. In order to win in the never-ending battle against the forces of chaos and destruction, arm your flamethrower, start the battle, and clear the path.

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