How to Unlock Clove in VALORANT


Recently, a new agent has appeared in Valorant named Clove. Players want to know how to unlock Clove in VALORANT, the popular online game. Clove is a new character in the game with special abilities that can make gameplay more crazy. 

We will explain different ways to unlock Clove. Whether you prefer to earn points by playing the game, use special credits or even subscribe to a gaming service. If follow our tips you will soon have Clove on your team to take on any challenge in VALORANT.

Clove’s Potential in Valorant 


Let’s take a moment to discuss what makes Clove special before we begin to unlock it. Thanks to its many powerful moves, clover is an excellent agent for gamers. You can use smoke, heal yourself and even bring yourself back to life. If you like being aggressive when you play and Clove is a good choice for you.

1. Earn 200,000 XP during Clove’s Event

If you want to get Clove for free, you can join their recruitment event. All you have to do is earn 200,000 experience points in the first month after Clove is released and you will automatically get the agent. Just play lots of matches in different game modes to earn points and unlock Clove.

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2. Use VALORANT Points for Instant Access

If you don’t mind spending money you can unlock agents using VALORANT Points. When Clove is released, go to the agent shop in the Agents section and choose Clove. Just spend 1,000 VP (Valorant Points) to quickly get Clove and get ready to fight.

3. Acquire Clove Using Kingdom Credits

If you miss the recruitment event and don’t want to spend Valorant Points, you can use Kingdom Credits instead. After the event ends, go to the “Agents” tab and find Clove. Choose the KC (Kingdom Credits) option and spend 8,000 Kingdom Credits to get Clove. You can earn Kingdom Credits by playing every day and completing objectives which makes it easier to unlock Clove.

4. Unlock Clove via Xbox Game Pass Subscription

If you have an Xbox Game Pass, getting Clove is easy. Just connect your Riot Games and Microsoft accounts together. Once you do that, you will instantly have access to Clove and other agents. But remember, you need to keep your Game Pass subscription active to keep using these agents. If your subscription ends you won’t be able to use them anymore.

Clove coming to Valorant adds something exciting to the game. It gives players new ways to play strategically and aggressively. You can unlock Clove by earning XP and using Valorant Points, Kingdom Credits or having Xbox Game Pass. Once you unlock Clove you can do a lot on the battlefield.

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