How to unlock the Gold Track in Roblox The Hunt 2024?

Gold Track in Roblox The Hunt 2024

In Roblox, obtaining unique rewards may be both entertaining and curious. The Gold Track is a cool feature seen in The Hunt: First Edition, the most recent event in the game. This bonus track has some amazing content, but getting access to it may not be so simple. 

In this Guide, We will show you two easy ways to unlock the Gold Track, whether you want to spend Robux or use a special avatar bundle. We will talk about the cool rewards waiting for you once you unlock it.

Roblox Challenges and Badges

Credits- Roblox The Hunt

Every prize on the Gold Track has a prerequisite that players must meet in order to receive a badge. The deadline for completing these tasks is March 30, 2024, but the specific challenges and badge requirements can change.

Exclusive Rewards

Among the rewards awaiting Gold Track participants are:

  • Infinite Holo-pendant
  • Infinite Hunter’s Wings
  • Infinite Holo-scepter
  • Infinite Hunter’s Crown
  • Infinite Hunter’s Hood

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How to Access the Gold Track in Roblox The Hunt

There is a simple method involved in unlocking the Gold Track, but it is not free. Here are two ways to make use of this premium functionality:

Method 1: Purchase with Robux

The easiest way to get the Gold Track unlocked is to use Robux. Compared to the alternative, this procedure requires 800 Robux, which is a comparatively small cost. To proceed:

  • Log in to your Roblox account and verify you have 800 Robux available.
  • Navigate to the Gold Track page on Roblox and proceed with the purchase.
  • Upon completing the transaction, the Gold Track will be unlocked, granting you access to its rewards.

Method 2: Obtain with Korblox Deathwalker Avatar Bundle

As an alternative, owners of the Korblox Deathwalker avatar bundle can obtain the Gold Track for nothing. At 29,000 Robux, this bundle provides a full package that includes access to the Gold Track. However, the 800 Robux option is more economical if your only objective is to unlock the Gold Track alone.

Additional Details

Once you have unlocked the Gold Track, it is important to understand the rewards and how to attain them. While unlocking the Gold Track grants access to exclusive benefits, such as rare items and cosmetics, it is crucial to complete challenges and earn badges to fully enjoy these rewards.

In Roblox The Hunt, players can gain access to exclusive experiences and rewards by unlocking the Gold Track. Players can take on a journey full of rewards and challenges by using the Korblox Deathwalker bundle or by purchasing Robux directly. You can easily manage the process and make the most of The Hunt: First Edition event with this guide at your disposal.

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