How to Unlock the Nike Goddess in Fortnite: Availability, Pricing, and More

Nike Goddess in Fortnite

Unlocking the special Nike Goddess outfit in Fortnite is a big deal for players, It is part of a cool bundle with Nike, a famous shoe company. This outfit came out during Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite and everyone’s talking about it, especially the Nike Goddess outfit. 

You can get it by itself or in a bundle with other cool stuff. The whole bundle has a Nike theme and it is called the Nike Victory Set but there’s more to it than just the outfit. Let’s take a closer look at what this Nike Victory Set includes and how you can get it in Fortnite.

How do you get Nike Goddess in Fortnite?

Credits- Fortnite

The Nike Goddess outfit is a standout part of the Nike Victory Set. It fits really well with the theme they have got going on right now which is all about Greek mythology. Let me explain what you get with this set:

Nike Victory Set Components

  • Nike Goddess: This includes the stunning Nike Goddess outfit, accompanied by its LEGO-style variant.
  • Winged Victory: A stylish Back Bling to complement your Fortnite journey.
  • Flame Of Victory: An imposing Pickaxe to dominate the battleground.
  • Winged Victory Glider: Glide into action with flair using this exclusive glider.
  • Victory Leap Emote: Celebrate your triumphs with this expressive emote.

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Fortnite Nike Goddess Pricing

If you want to buy just the Nike Goddess outfit from the item shop, it costs 1,200 V-Bucks. But if you are thinking about getting the whole bundle it’s a better deal at 2,500 V-Bucks.

It is cool because the Nike Goddess thing isn’t just in the virtual world. It’s also in Lego Fortnite which is a fun crossover. This makes the collaboration even more interesting and attractive.

Item Shop Duration

Since Fortnite keeps teaming up with Nike you can expect the Nike Goddess Outfit to stick around for a while. But, there are also new partnerships coming up like with Billie Eilish and Star Wars. So, if you want the Nike Goddess Outfit better grab it soon before it’s gone.

With this helpful guide, players have all they need to go after the Fortnite Nike Goddess outfit. It’s important to act fast with so many collaborations happening if you want to be part of this special one.

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