Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update Reveals New Content

Spider-Man 2 Update

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 just got a big update. Now, players can play the game again with New Game Plus. This update also brings cool stuff like new suits and better options for players who need help. There are new features and fixes too, making the game even more fun. Let’s see what is in this update and why players are excited.

New Game Plus and Enhanced Gameplay

Credits- Spider-Man 2

New Game Plus is here, letting players keep their progress and enjoy new stuff. With Ultimate Levels, you can level up more and unlock cool story suits and golden gadget looks. Suit Tech Fusion lets you mix perks in one slot for more customization. And, if you finish the story in New Game Plus, you get a PlayStation trophy. It makes the game even more exciting.

To see all the changes, improvements, and new things in this update, take a look at the complete list of updates below:

Version 1.002.000 Release Notes


New Game+ (NG+) Features

• Ultimate Levels: Go beyond the base game level cap in NG+

Note: Ultimate Levels are NOT tied to any difficulty

• Symbiote Suit Styles: Unlock new story symbiote suit styles via Ultimate Level progression

• Golden Gadget Styles: Upgrade your gadgets with exclusive Golden looks

• Suit Tech Fusion: Unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech slot

• PlayStation Trophy Unlock a new trophy for completing the story in NG+

Additional Features

• Mission Replay: Replay *that* mission (and many others) as much as you’d like now

• Time of Day: Change the time of day in the post-game via ‘Gameplay’ settings

• Tendril Colors: Swap symbiote tendril color in the post-game via ‘Gameplay’ settings

• Photo Mode – Action Figure Mode: Scale down characters for photo opportunities

• Photo Mode – Stickers: Decorate your photos with new stickers

• Hellfire Gala Suits: Added two new suits inspired by the Hellfire Gala designs

• Gameheads Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack: Two new suits for Peter and Miles, plus Photo Mode content

 (i) Available via purchase, official details here


• Audio Descriptions: A narrator will describe key visuals and actions during cinematics

 (i) Sub Option: Volume Slider

• Screen Reader: Audio narration relaying text across menus, tutorials, and control hints

 (i) Sub Options: Volume Slider, Repeat Delay Time, Repeat Delay Scale

• Mono Audio: Combine all audio into a singular output

• Captions: Display captions for important in-game sounds during cinematics and some gameplay

 (i) Sub options: Size, Color, Background Color, Background Opacity

• In-World Text Translations: Enable text boxes to show translated in-world text

• High Contrast Outlines: Outline friendlies and enemies with specific High Contrast colors

 (i) High Contrast Outlines Friendly

 (ii) High Contrast Outlines Enemy

• High Contrast Presets: Access preset High Contrast settings for streamlined use

• Center Dot Color: Adjust the color of the center dot on screen

• Aim Arc Color: Adjust the color of the arc that displays during certain moments when aiming

• Target Arc Color: Change the color of the arc indicator when throwing certain items on target

• Motion Sensor Aiming: Aim using the DualSense Controller’s motion sensors

(i) Sub Options include: Calibration & Sensitivity

• UI Holds: Switch UI holds to toggle

• Touch Pad in Combat: Disable the Touch Pad during combat to prevent accidental presses

Read More- The Finals 1.11.0 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes



• General improvements to game stability

• Addressed global crashing and freezing issues that may occur during cutscenes and/or gameplay

• Addressed global visual issues that may occur during cutscenes and/or gameplay

• Addressed issues where hiding HUD would prevent the next mission from spawning

• Addressed issues where players wouldn’t be able to progress certain tutorials or sections

• Addressed an issue where Web Wings would automatically deploy if tutorials are set to off

• Addressed an issue where trick animations would reset during dives

• Addressed issues relating to incorrect player spawns after failing or restarting checkpoint

• Updated Webbed Suit textures

• Addressed clipping and artifact issues with some suit lenses

• Improved deformation across several suits

• Various additional fixes across the game


• Made several improvements and fixes to High Contrast settings

 (i) Addressed visibility issues across several enemy types, attacks, puzzles, and interactable objects

• Added the pause menu option to skip Adaptive Trigger minigames, joining previously included features such as:

 (i) Turning off Adaptive Triggers via PS5 console settings to automatically skips these puzzles

 (ii) QTE Autocomplete can automatically skip these puzzles

• Made improvements and fixes to Toggles

 (i) Enabling Swing/Parkour toggle adds tap on/off functionality for Spider-Bot Jump Jets

 (ii) Enabling Swing/Parkour toggle adds functionality for MJ to navigate squeeze-throughs automatically

 (iii) Toggle icons display properly when restarting the game

 (iv) Addressed an issue where tutorials would interfere with Swing/Parkour toggle functionality

 (v) Addressed an issue where Swing/Parkour wouldn’t enable fast enough when sprinting as MJ

 (vi) Addressed issues with Aim Mode toggle with MJ’s lure

• Addressed issues with Friendly Neighborhood Challenge Level

 (i) Symbiote nests and tanker crimes can no longer be failed

• Made several improvements to Look at Waypoint across several missions in the game

• Added Point of Interest (POI) Audio Indicator

 (i) This feature emits audio feedback ticking when Spider-Senses are used and there is a POI on the screen to aid in judging distance, height, and occlusion

• Made several improvements to DualSense haptics

 (i) When the Haptics setting is set to Functional and the POI Audio Indicator is enabled, the system includes an additional haptic component for the waypoints.

 (ii) Added distinct haptics for Abilities and Gadgets ready with Functional Haptics turned on

 (iii) Added hot/cold haptics when doing object navigations with Functional Haptics turned on

Added haptic feedback when interact prompt is on screen

 (iv) Adjusted haptics across different puzzles and combat scenarios in the game

Toned down damage received haptic a bit.

• Selected Shortcuts now display in the first boot menu

• Added the ability to enable Screen Reader in the first boot menu via Square button press

• Fixed resolution and other oddities when setting Button Prompt Size to Largest

• If enabled, Auto-Heal can save the player from fall damage death if the player has a full Focus bar

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