Minecraft X Kung Fu Panda New DLC Character, Fight, and More Announced

Minecraft X Kung Fu Panda

A new DLC pack for Minecraft called Kung Fu Panda allows players to take on the roles of characters from the Kung Fu Panda movie. They may take on new challenges, battle foes and visit locations from the film this DLC makes Minecraft even more exciting. 

This is nothing new for Minecraft in the past, they have created DLCs based on other video games and motion pictures. If you enjoy Kung Fu Panda and Minecraft you will enjoy this article as it discusses the new DLC and what gamers can expect from it.

Minecraft X Kung Fu Panda Minecraft X Kung Fu Panda All Details

Credits- Minecraft

The makers of Minecraft, Mojang pleased players last year with a wide selection of downloadable content (DLC). Characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dungeons & Dragons and Jurassic World were among the varied realms represented in these expansions. 

There are yet more partnerships in Minecraft, Mega Man X, Godzilla, Star Wars, Minions, Sonic the Hedgehog and more have all inspired DLCs for Minecraft which keeps surprising its user base with interesting crossovers.

Now that the Kung Fu Panda DLC is available for 1500 Minecoins (about $8) fans of Minecraft may set out on a brand-new journey. Players are invited to take on an epic journey with well-known characters including Master Shifu, Po and the Furious Five in the most recent addition. 

Players will experience teamwork as they fight through famous movie scenes and run into well-known characters in Minecraft all set against the backdrop of the Jade Palace and Panda Village.

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Kung Fu Panda DLC: A Quest for Ancient Artifacts

Players must restore ancient artefacts to the holy Hall of Warriors for a chance to move on in the Kung Fu Panda DLC. But there are barriers on their way, including strong opponents like General Kai, Tai Lung and Lord Shen. 

Players will explore well-known locations from the movies such as Panda Village and the Spirit World, from the busy Mr Ping’s Noodle Shop to the peaceful Peach Tree. Players can also add the Dragon Warrior’s Hat from the Dressing Room to their avatars as an extra bonus.

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