Modern Warfare 3 New Patch Notes Reveals New Parkour Playlist

Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 may soon release a new game mode that focuses around running, jumping and climbing quickly, clues about hidden game features have been found. 

These hints point at a unique game mode that players of Modern Warfare 3 may receive in a major update. This particular mode might be a part of the entertaining “Blaze Up” event which discusses a plant-related topic. This new mode may be added to the game around April 20 which is also when the event may begin.

Modern Warfare 3 Leak New Parkour Playlist and Patch Notes Details

Credits- Modern Warfare 3
  • Expected launch slated for later in Season 3
  • Features a visually striking Retrowave art style and an array of movement-based challenges
  • Confirmation of the new mode is pending

“G3T HIGH” will most likely be a limited-time mode much to Warhammer 40K from the previous season that is revealed as part of a coming event. While there appears to be an upcoming release of the mode based on leaked footage users are reminded to proceed with care until Sledgehammer Games issues an official statement.

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Call of Duty Previous Titles

Call of Duty already includes a parkour mode in its gameplay, this would not be the first time. “Free Run,” a mode in Black Ops 3 that challenges players to complete timed obstacle courses showcased the jetpack-enabled movement in the game. The fluid movement features of Black Ops 3 unexpectedly pushed the game into the top 10 best-selling Xbox titles of February. 

Modern Warfare 3’s parkour map in contrast to Black Ops 3’s jetpack-focused gameplay depends on conventional boots-on-the-ground movement however, Sledgehammer Games has shown creativity in adjusting to this limitation.

BobNetworkUK, a well-known Call of Duty dataminer discovered files that appeared to indicate a mode called “G3T HIGH” which would require players to go to the very top faster than everyone else. 

The parkour-themed mode’s gameplay was even captured on camera by BobNetworkUK who broke with the game’s usual visuals to present gaming on a map with a Retrowave look. The goal is to overcome a variety of movement-based challenges in order to race to the top. This mode may or may not be an alone task, but considering the game’s typical multiplayer configuration the former seems more likely.

Season 3 Patch Updates: Parkour Experience

The Season 3 patch for MW3 was released on April 3 and added new weapons, modes and maps to the well-liked shooter game. Activision gave fans a sneak peek at Season 3’s events such as the festival “Blaze Up,” which honours marijuana culture before the update. 

The amazing new mode for Modern Warfare 3 is expected to appear around April 20 which is when most people have been expecting this event to take place. Parkour map tasks include balancing on rotating items moving around small areas with accuracy and taking onto moving objects to do jumps. 

“G3T HIGH” combines an interesting Retrowave graphic style to improve the gameplay experience recalling games such as Hotline Miami and the Blood Dragon DLC for Far Cry 3.

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