Monopoly GO Today Events Schedule Guide for March 2024

Monopoly GO

There are lots of great events happening today in Monopoly GO, featuring great prizes and lots of fun. Whether you are new to the game or a pro there is something for everyone. 

You can try solo challenges like Road to Riches or join competitive tournaments like Chest Quest. And keep an eye out for quick flash events happening all day. The game is easy to understand and play so it is perfect for everyone.

March’s Monopoly GO Events Overview

Check out all the fun Monopoly GO events happening this March and you can win lots of cool prizes and have a great time with different events to try.

Types of Monopoly GO Events

Check out the two main types of Monopoly GO events: Tournaments and Special Events. They each have their own way of playing and chances to win cool stuff. Take a look and see which one you like best.

Current Monopoly GO Events

Check out what is happening in Monopoly GO right now. Join in and win prizes to make your gaming experience even better.

  • Road to Riches (Solo Event): Deadline: March 25 at 10:58am CT
  • Chest Quest (Tournament): Deadline: March 24 at 12:58pm CT
  • Peg-E Prize Drop: Deadline: March 27 at 2:59pm CT

Flash Events Schedule for March 24

Monopoly GO’s flash events are made to help you earn more and make your game even better.

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Cash Boost

  • Time: 5pm to March 24, 1:59am CT
  • Duration: 5 Minutes

Free Parking Cash

  • Time: 11am to 1:59pm CT
  • Duration: 45 Minutes

Cash Grab

  • Time: 5am to 7:59 am CT
  • Duration: 20 Minutes

Rent Frenzy

  • Time: 8am to 10:59 am CT
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

High Roller

  • Time: 2pm to 4:59 pm CT
  • Duration: 5 Minutes

Landmark Rush

  • Time: 5pm to March 24, 1:59am CT

Use Monopoly GO events to help you move forward faster and make your game even better. Check for updates about new events every day. This way, you won’t miss out on any great prizes or a chance to win big.

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