Mother 3 Set to Launch on Nintendo Switch Exclusively in Japan

Mother 3

Those who love Nintendo, get up! A lot of exciting news was revealed at the most recent Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, but one thing from the Japanese version really caught everyone off guard. On the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy Advance offers, Mother 3, the much-awaited follow-up to the famous Earthbound role-playing game, is finally here. Get ready for it. It’s limited to Japan, for the time being at least, which is a drawback.

Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase Unveils Mother 3 Arrival

A minute-long teaser revealing Mother 3’s debut was shown to viewers during the Japanese Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase. X’s Geoff Keighley raised attention to this announcement, which has fans giddy with expectation. To many people’s surprise, the game was noticeably missing from the North American Partner Showcase and was not featured in Nintendo’s official press statement after the event.

A Long-Awaited Re-Release

This isn’t the first time Mother 3 has resurfaced since its initial launch in April 2006. Previously, the game made its way to the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console in 2016, marking its official re-release. Notably, Mother 3’s development journey was a tumultuous one, spanning over a decade and traversing four different Nintendo consoles before finally finding its home on the GBA.

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Unofficial Fan Translation and Enduring Fan Requests

When an official localization was lacking, committed fans resolved the issue on their own. In 2008, a carefully translated English patch for the Mother 3 ROM surfaced online through the Earthbound fansite This unofficial patch attracted a lot of attention; in just its first week, it had over 100,000 downloads. Amazingly, Nintendo did nothing about it despite the fact that it was unofficial.

Nintendo’s Response to Fan Demand

Nintendo has listened to the passionate requests of Mother 3’s followers. Although the requests have been made repeatedly, the corporation has not always responded to them. One such happening was at the E3 2014 Digital Event, where a Robot Chicken spoof showed a fan appealing with Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America at the time, for the game. Fans, however amused, were left wishing for an official localization by the response.

Although Japanese players are happy that Mother 3 is now available on the Nintendo Switch, this also rekindles the intense wish for a worldwide release. One can only hope that Nintendo will give in to the passionate pleas of fans everywhere and give Mother 3 the international release it so richly merits as the excitement and rumors continue to swirl.

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